Automated, Rapid Assessment of Wound Healing

Celigo imaging cytometer has been applied to provide automated, rapid assessment of wound healing using the Oris Platypus plate technology. Automated segmentation of cells or confluency in both bright field and fluorescence is able to provide a quantitative output of wound healing / migration.
Dose-response of % wound healing measured with the Celigo cytometer using bright field and fluorescence.

Wound Area Fill View

wound area fill view

Wound area fill view at 0, 8, 16 and 24 hours. Confluence detection of the area covered within the wound is followed over time and a pseudo color green fill mask is added to aid visualization.

Dose-Response Curve

dose-response curve

HT1080 cells were plated in a 96-well Oris plate and allowed to grow to confluency. Upon removal of the plug the cells were treated with a dose response of Cytochalsin D and the confluence readout was read in bright field or in fluorescence after staining with Cell Tracker Green.

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