• Cellometer

Introduction to Cell Concentration

Measuring cell concentration is vital for multiple downstream assays. Whether you are simply passaging the cells or planning to seed a plate for an ELISA assay knowing the correct concentration of cells in your tube can be the determining factor in the success of the experiment. The current method of measuring cell concentrations is by manual counting on the hemacytometer. As we have shown, manual counting using a hemacytomter is a method with multiple error prone steps. The Cellometer automated cell counters are designed to reduce or eliminate many errors seen in manual counting and provide consistent and accurate cell concentrations.

Measuring Cell Concentration and Viability

Simple, User-friendly Cellometer Procedure

Using Cellometer Mini, Auto 1000, Auto T4, Auto 2000, K2 and Vision

simple Cellometer user procedure

1. Pipette 20µl 2. Insert Slide 3. Select Assay & Click Count
. Results in 30 seconds!

Trypan Blue Protocol

  1. Dilute the stock (0.4 %) with PBS to 0.2 %.
  2. Filter the trypan blue with 0.2 micron filter
  3. Mix the cell suspension at 1:1 with 0.2 % trypan blue
  4. Load the counting chamber slide into the Cellometer and analyze
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