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Nexcelom's Customer Testimonials

Just as the Nanodrop changed spectro photometry - forever - in the lab, so has the Cellometer revolutionized cell counting in the tissue culture room. No more Hemacytometer! We also like our Sales Representative, Grace Vick, she is always there for us!! - Senior Scientist from NIH

Nexcelom Customers are Talking ...


The Cellometer Auto 2000 is great for counting AML cells. The cell count is more accurate than Trypan Blue and gives a count for live and dead cells. It has really helped increase consistency in my experiments!

I love the ability to rapidly count mouse white blood cells and red blood cells without the hassle of needing to lyse the red blood cells with the Cellometer Vision CBA! The AOPI solution makes this process a breeze.

The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is efficient and reliable and it has helped both expedite the research process as well as give me peace of mind of its reliability!

The Cellometer Vision CBA has removed the variances regarding human error and subjectivity testing essentially overnight from our operations! - Joseph Thomas, Mass Bay Brewing Company

We love the Cellometer K2 system as it can yield accurate cell counts and its performance is superior to that of the Countess II FL Automated Cell Counter. Furthermore, the technical support we have gotten from our Nexcelom representative is outstanding. We also love the fact that the K2 software upgrades are free! Overall, our experience with the K2 instrument and Nexcelom is excellent.

Cell counting is much quicker and easier with the Cellometer Mini. Also, what is considered a live cell vs. a dead cell is no longer subjective!

We absolutely love the Cellometer Auto 2000! The counting is consistent, the purity check that it does for us is amazing. Thank you Nexcelom for making cell counting easier, for scientists/researchers everywhere! - Tinisha McDonald, City of Hope

The Cellometer Auto 2000 offers us several quick and easy ways to compare count and viability to more manual methods and other automated methods!

We can get much more accurate counts and viability assessments for our "difficult" cell types, such as primary liver cells and PBMCs. This is critical for our downstream analysis.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 saves us so much time in daily lab work by eliminating manual cell counts after each passage or thawing. The results are both accurate and reproducible. We use it every single day in our lab!

The Cellometer Auto T4 cell counter has made cell counting simpler and more standardized. A tedious job has been eliminated. Thanks Nexcelom! - John Sipes, NCI

The Cellometer K2 is more accurate than any other cell counter we have tried. We love to use it for our single cell sequencing platform.

Our lab has purchased the Cellometer X2. We found that counting yeast cell cultures is very fast and accurate, especially since we can change the parameters. For example, we can change cell counts based on cell size. Also, there is an option of declustering which is exceptionally helpful for yeast cultures that are arrested at the G2 stage of the cell cycle, which is necessary for many of our experiments. - Cynthia Sakofsky, NIEHS

Our Nexcelom representative was very helpful after our first communication and did a great demonstration. He was also quick to send me a quote and arrange the install and set up of the instrument. He went over all the steps with me and made sure everything was okay. When I attempted to use the instrument alone for the first time, I had some initial trouble with USB connectivity. I contacted technical support and they found a solution in less than 1 hour and emailed me. Now the machine is running smoothly and I am happy with it!

It is very convenient and fast to determine cell density and viability using the Cellometer Mini!

Our Cellometer Auto T4 has continued to be a time saver and make cell counting less of a headache! Being able to program different cell types is also a great feature. - Colleen Worne, University of Utah

The Cellometer K2 is workable and easy to use for a lab setting. We already have more than four K2 cell counting instruments. This is our preferred instrument to use by far!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is small and compact. The cell counts are fast, consistent and reliable. The T4 software is very user-friendly!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is a great counter! It is designed for simple, accurate analysis of nucleated cells, including PBMCS, splenocytes, and stem cells, in peripheral blood, cord blood, bone marrow and other heterogeneous samples. - Ling Li, City of Hope

I frequently use the Cellometer Vision CBA and I really like it!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is pretty straightforward in terms of its use. It has saved a lot of time from counting cells with hemacytometer. It doesn't take much space either! - Jiayuan Shinkle, The Jackson Laboratory

I've been using a Nexcelom Cellometer for years. When I moved to a different company about 6 months ago, I bought a Cellometer Auto 2000 for my lab and my lab mates love it! I work mostly on human samples and counting using the Cellometer with AOPI is way more accurate than the Vi-Cell or any other counting instrument I've used! - Candy Garcia, Ideaya Bioscience

I like the Cellometer Auto 2000 cell counter! It makes it very simple to count primary cells. I have used this counter over the last 7 years, so I can't imagine any other counters replacing this!

The Cellometer K2 is fast and very accurate. We love that the dye is nuclear to ensure accuracy of the cell counts. Sure beats counting by hand! - Amanda Clark, Biomere

The Nexcelom Cellometer Auto 2000 has been a great tool in determining cell count and viability. When doing cell culture of primary cells it is important to know what you're dealing with in a timely manner so you can plate the appropriate cell density. The Auto 2000 is a good tool for making this process fast, efficient and accurate. It is a vast improvement over using Trypan Blue and gives results that we can trust!

I like how fast the Cellometer Auto T4 is. You can see pictures of your cells and cell counts within seconds! It makes me confident in my cell counts when I am preparing an experiment.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is an easy to use, which leads to enhanced productivity. In addition, the system is very amenable to electronic documentation of counts. - Toai Nguyen, Davinci Biosciences, LLC

The Cellometer Auto T4 is really awesome! I culture a lot of cell lines at one time so cell counting is time-consuming. This cell counter helps me a lot!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very easy to operate and really helpful for us to count cells! It looks very nice and is not very thick for handling. The two-sided film slides are my favorite, because I don’t need to worry about the contamination of hands or my bench!

The Cellometer Auto T4 provides rapid counting of various cell sizes and cell viability.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 reduces time and we are now able to quickly estimate transfection efficiency. Excellent technical support to help write project specific programs. - Casey Bucan, Waisman Biomanufacturing

I really like the Cellometer Auto T4! It saves a lot of time and is very convenient for counting cells, requiring very little sample. It doesn't take up much room either! - Laura Garcia, UPMC

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has allowed me to streamline a great deal of my work on cancer drug screening by providing a fast, accurate way to quantity cells with its fluorescent viability platform for cytotoxicity assays.

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is great! Everyone in my lab loves to use it! We count everything from human cells to insect cells.

The Cellometer Auto T4 has changed the way I count cells and I couldn't be happier about it. No more painstaking hand counting using the hemacytometer. Thanks so much Nexcelom! - Solomon C. Amadiume, Weill Cornell Medical College

Using the Cellometer Auto T4 has saved me so much time! I am now able to count many cell lines within just a few minutes! - Anita Robin, Weill Cornell Medical College

The Cellometer Vision CBA makes my life so much easier! It makes cell counting a breeze! It is quick and very easy to use. You can count your cells with a turn of a knob and with a click of a button!

We have been using the Cellometer Auto 2000 here in our lab for over a year and it has been such a great addition to the lab. Out lab processes PBMCs, counts them and then places them into a 2 week in-vitro stimulation culture in the presence of peptide pools. Two weeks later we harvest the cells, count them and then run them in both an Elispot and a Cytokine stimulation assays. The use of the Auto 2000 cell counter has made the counting of cells much easier in much less time. - Natalia Jun, Human Longevity, Inc.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 can differentiate between live and dead cells which was not possible for us prior to this cell counter. It gives us viability and recovery is easy to calculate. It is very user friendly and we can always save the data on our computer once the counting is done! - Mukesh Mudgal, Florida International University

The Cellometer K2 allows me to do several counts at once and provides me with an accurate and reliable viability average. Our local Nexcelom representative was amazing and made the transition process extremely simple!

The Cellometer Vision CBA works great and is really efficient. Earlier, I used to work with the Cellometer Auto T4 but then switched to the Vision CBA. With the Cellometer, I consumed less time and it helps me get research work done effectively!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 works well for us!

We use the Cellometer Auto 2000 routinely for cell death and cell viability assays with AOPI.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is easy to use and provides accurate counting. Everyone in the lab loves it! It is a great product overall!

I love the Cellometer K2! I use it nearly daily to count hepatocytes and it is practically effortless! What a great consistent counting instrument.

With the Cellometer Auto 1000, I can use the full amount of my precious samples to do more than just two assays! And with knowing the accurate cell count, I can give more of a precise count of levels of my target cell type.

We are very happy with our new Cellometer X2! We are pleasantly surprised to find the accompanying laptop already loaded with the necessary software upon purchasing it. Nexcelom customer service has been excellent as well!

Our Cellometer X4 has allowed us to rapidly count yeast with minimal subjectivity. It is very easy to use and train others on!

My favorite aspect of the Cellometer Auto 2000 from Nexcelom is the ability to view the cells and count them. You can tell right away how your cell density is and if the cell suspension needs to be diluted.

With the Cellometer Auto 2000 it is so easy to count cells! And it uses far less sample than the Nucleocounter without needing to dilute sample!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is easy to operate and has eliminated the excess time spent on manually counting cell numbers for the large volume of patient samples we receive in the lab. It provides improved counting accuracy and viability information on cells counted and also gives us the ability to refer back to previously counted cell samples as needed.

I've been using the Cellometer Auto 2000 with the AOPI premade dye Nexcelom manufactures for the past year. It has been great for my lab group, we would be lost without it!

Overall, we are very pleased with the Cellometer K2. It has saved us time and space, especially during lengthy experiments.

The Cellometer X4 is a very good instrument. We used it for nucleated cell count, stained with AO. The instrument is very user friendly, as well as the platform - you can adjust the focus and exclude stuff you don’t want to have counted. I've been using the same instrument for over 2 years now and never have any problem with it. We perform QC every day, and is always within range. The Cellometer is a very good and easy going piece of equipment.

We have four Cellometer X2 units, all in different labs and locations. I trust that they give us comparable results, which is invaluable for ensuring consistency of our fermentations and products across locations!

As a new Research Technician in my lab, I found the Cellometer Auto T4 to be very user friendly. It counted my cells quickly and accurately, which is vital for my cell culture talks required of me weekly!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is fast and easy to use system. Only 20 uL of cells are needed for each count, which is essential for some precious samples like primary cells.

The Cellometer Mini has allowed us to save precious time during our cell counting procedure instead of manually counting cells.

The Cellometer Auto T4 and the software are easy to use! Now it is very easy for me to set up experiments with different cell lines. Getting accurate cell count is so easy with the Auto T4. - Leticia Reyes Ramos, Medical University of South Carolina - Pharmacology

Our Cellometer X2 cell counter makes counting cells easier and less time consuming! Also, the unit is reliable and needs little to no maintenance. It just always works well! - Sarah DeLorenze, Two Roads Brewing Company

The Cellometer Auto 2000 requires only a small sample volume and counts cells accurately in a really short time. It allows counting of multiple cell samples and is easy to use for a lot of different cell types.

The Cellometer Vision CBA definitely saved me from spending hours on the microscope counting cells and it spared me the need to understand complicated FACS analysis.

I have really enjoyed using the Cellometer Auto T4. It is superior for determining cell viability of immune cells.

We have two Cellometer Minis in our lab. They are very easy to use and count the cells very fast!

The accuracy of the Cellometer K2 has with an over abundance of cells is great as well as the time it saves each tech to count them!

We have been using the Cellometer K2 for months. It always gives us great reproducibility between cell counts and has increased our throughput drastically! Not only is it much faster than using the hemacytometer, it is much more reproducible between operators.

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is fast and was easy to purchase with an on-time delivery for my experiments! Good quality cell counter. Our results are very reproducible and reliable! - Roshan Kumari, UTHSC

The Cellometer K2 is great and easy to use. It gives clear images quickly. We have been using it for a couple years and never have any problems with it! - Solaema Taleb, IUPUI

We have two Nexcelom cell counters in our lab, a Cellometer Auto T4 and Cellometer Auto 2000. Both cell counters have saved us critical time and are very easy to use! The Cellometer Auto 2000 has been invaluable at helping up with difficult-to-count cells, and even with developing new assays. Both are indispensable pieces of equipment in our lab. After trying our Auto 2000, another lab in our building is purchasing one for their own use.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is certainly a lifesaver! I can get through my experiments much quicker, especially when I have numerous samples. It is also helpful when I have a very high cell concentration because I can trust that I am getting an accurate cell count without a lot of effort on my part.

Using the Cellometer Mini is so much better than manually counting cells! It also makes cell culturing experiences much quicker and less painful than previously.

The Cellometer Mini has helped the lab a lot for cell-counting! It is much easier and more efficient than doing it by hand. As a new student in the lab, I am grateful to have cool technology to help me out!

The Cellometer Auto T4 works very well! There is no lag when adjusting the mirror's focus as well! Cell counts are done precisely and in a timely manner. - Andres Enrique Martinez-Muniz, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

The Cellometer Vision CBA is user-friendly, making it easy to understand the software and it delivers fast results! - Lyanne Suarez, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

The Cellometer Auto 2000 from Nexcelom has saved me a great deal of time and relieved the stress and uncertainty of using a hemacytometer to count recovered cells from our animal studies. Nexcelom employees are very kind and helpful, the service was very fast and easy to order from, as well as the technical help in using the instrument! - Tina Yaskell, Forsyth Institute

The Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometer is a great machine! It gives very precise results in a very short time, and only uses a small amount of sample, which makes it very efficient for research purposes. - Nelson Franqui, Darlington Building

I have used the Cellometer Auto T4 for many years, It is easy to use and I have never had a problem with it! It counts cells quickly and saves me a lot of time!

We have the Cellometer Auto T4, Cellometer Auto 2000 and Cellometer Vision CBA. Our Cellometers are reliable and every time I call for a products or technical service, I have spoken to a helpful and knowledgeable person.

The Cellometer Auto T4 has been very helpful for our mouse studies. It allows us to count cells to determine how many to use for our flow experiments.

The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is a great instrument for fluorescent tumor sphere counting and even fluorescent colony counting. I would recommend it! - Deepak Kanojia, Kanojia

The Cellometer Auto T4 from Nexcelom is a great machine to count cells. It is easy to use and very accurate in cell counting. Using this cell counter give more homogeneous results with different lab individuals. In addition, it has a vast range for counting cells so you do not need to dilute your sample again to be in the range of the cell counter. - Rohit Upadhyay, Tulane University

We have a Cellometer Auto T4. We like it so much we got spoiled and bought another one! No waiting to count! Everyone is happy and loves this machine!

Our Applications Scientist helped establish mammalian cell counting protocols for the Cellometer X2 as well as the Cellometer Auto 2000. Both instruments have made cell counting amazingly simple and accurate for live dead cells. We appreciate the training!

The Cellometer X2 is working great to count beads size 3-5 microns. We are also using it to count beads that are 50um in diameter and the numbers are extremely accurate. Our local Applications Scientist from Nexcelom was very thorough for the training process and really helpful in establishing relevant protocols.

For a company that sells cells, a fast and accurate way to count cells is essential. Nexcelom's Cellometer Mini improves cell counting accuracy and saves our scientists a lot of time! - Anita Tang, iXCells Biotechnologies

We use the Cellometer Vision in our lab. We love this machine! It always gives us quick and clear cell counts!

Nexcelom's Cellometer Auto T4 makes counting cells super easy! It is very easy to use and the programs are very user friendly. Plating cells is a super quick process now! - Connor Dyer, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is easy to use. Just choose programs for your cells and focus. It is much faster and accurate than hemacytometer!

I use the Cellometer Auto 2000 in all my experiments! It works like a champ! It saves me so much time. Our entire department loves this Cellometer!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has made counting cells so much faster and easier since we purchased the machine. Before acquiring the Cellometer, we had to count using the "old school" hemacytometer which would take a long time.

Our entire lab loves the Cellometer Mini and how much time is saves us! I recommend it for anyone looking to ditch the hemacytometer!

The Cellometer K2 is great! It has been a pleasure working with Nexcelom's group. All questions have been answered in a timely fashion and customer service has been excellent! - Martin Lagrange, Wuci AppTec

The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is an interesting instrument to use. I enjoyed looking at the images to see immune cell killing. Working with our representative from Nexcelom was great! He was incredibly helpful and available at all times in the day!

Our lab began using the Cellometer Auto 2000 with the SD100 counting chambers and it has saved us so much time in our experiments! We recently published a paper in Ocotarget citing the Cellometer Auto 2000 to give credit for this fantastic resource: "DNMT3B overexpression contributes to aberrant DNA methylation and MYC-driven tumor maintenance in T-ALL and Burkitt’s lymphoma."

The Cellometer Auto T4 has transformed my cell counting! The time in the TC room has gone way down, and cell viability is always where I want it!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is easy to use and maintain, very user friendly and comes with excellent tech support! I've never had any issues with the machine malfunctioning or the software crashing. It is also very easy to import datasets from the software, making it easy to extract and analyze data. - Samantha Stanley, University of Houston

I like the Cellometer Auto T4 a lot! It's so fast and convenient compared to the traditional way of counting. My favorite feature is that you can manually change the cell count numbers slightly if needed.

The Celigo is capable of accurately counting cells and greatly assists in assays that involve cell death and migration.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very convenient machine, the resolution is great for the cell count. Live and dead cells can be distinguished very clearly.

The Cellometer Mini saves us so much time and gives more consistent results! We can also look at the past pictures of the cells and their counts!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very reliable, easy to use, and has saved a significant amount of time while providing accurate cell counts!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is amazingly fast and effective! It has saved me lots of time compared to counting cells using hemacytometer. I would recommend this Cellometer to all my friends and colleagues in other labs!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is fun, works reliably and fast. It is easy for new people to learn and gives us a break in the busy schedule. - Thao Nguyen, University of Houston, BME Dept

I worked with our local Nexcelom representative to set up a Celigo seminar presentation/demo for my lab and some others from neighboring labs. He was very accommodating to our incredibly busy schedule and even brought us lunch, with plenty of dessert! The presentation was very informative and the Nexcelom team has been very present in the lab this week to demo and answer any questions!

The time savings are priceless with the Cellometer Auto T4. Everyone in the lab says it's awesome! Wonderful customer service, too! We received thorough training from our Nexcelom representative.

The Cellometer Mini is so easy to use that I can teach undergraduates and even high school students to use it! They get accurate cell counts and can focus on the science they are learning rather than on how to use a hemacytometer! - William Staatz, University of Arizona College of Medicine

The Cellometer Vision CBA instrument quickly counts cells and measures viability. The instrument is quick and easy to use. Counting cells using the Cellometer is much easier than using a hemacytometer!

We like the Cellometer Auto T4 for quick cell counts, viability assays, and importantly - we use it to monitor cell volume expansions of T-cells after stimulation. We get good cell diameter measurements, which can useful for volume calculations and more.

The Celigo is a great instrument for cell killing assays. Also, the Cellometer Auto T4 allows cell imaging and prevents having to use a hemacytometer which is very nice. This device is an excellent, much faster alternative to other counters. It has enables us to visualize tumor single cell suspensions!

I love that the Cellometer Auto T4 can count different cell sizes from a tumor sample! Goodbye hemacytometer!

Nexcelom has allowed for my work to be completed so much faster than otherwise possible! In addition, the Nexcelom representatives I have worked with have been very helpful and always there if I need anything.

We had the chance to have a quick mini demo with the Celigo Imaging Cytometer, with a full-length Celigo demo scheduled for the upcoming weeks. The Celigo was great, reasonably easy to use once the settings were dialed in and allowed us to visualize the cells and their action in ways not previously preventable.

The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is very convenient and makes the work less labor-intensive. This instrument is very user-friendly and accurate!

We currently have four Cellometer Auto 2000 counters operational in my laboratory. These counters are used multiple times daily. We count primary non-human primate lymphocytes which are MUCH smaller than human cells. With proper settings, these counters are so accurate and user friendly that it makes this daunting task so easy. I have been in the biotechnology field for 40+ years and these counters are by far the best and most accurate that I have ever used. Nexcelom service is outstanding, providing us with professional and courteous service and rapid response time! - Vicky Coalter, Leidos Biomedical

We are really loving the Cellometer Vision CBA and the ability to perform viability quick and easy! The clear images for AOPI for viability is amazing.

The Cellometer Auto T4 has made cell counting an enjoyable, much faster experience. Plating cells has never been easier and more accurate!

I am working with suspension cell culture, and I need to have precise density and viability of my cells. The precision with the Cellometer K2 is great, very reliable! It takes much less sample and consumes less time! Technically also, the cell counting is very straightforward. There is a much lower chance of errors than with manual counting with hemacytometer. - Shyamtanu Datta, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is compact, easy to handle and the software is user friendly! It saves us a lot of time compared to counting on the microscope.

The Cellometer K2 is easy to use and great for counting cells that are prone to clumping together. It can't cell culture without this machine!- Michael Lee, City of Hope

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very convenient and consistent. Best product I've used in my academic career, and it sure beats the hemacytometer!

Our team likes the ease of use that the Cellometer X2 offers us! Our cell counts are able to be completed clearly and efficiently.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very friendly and easy to use piece of equipment - it only took me a matter of minutes to learn how to use it. Also, it gave me accurate results in a short period of time which is perfect to perform experiments fast, and I am able to use it when a short period of time is required based on experiment.

We use the Cellometer K2 routinely for a number of cell-based assays. It is very easy to use and gives accurate cell counts!

Our local Applications Scientist from Nexcelom did a great job of setting up our new Cellometer X2! He showed us the AOPI dye method - which we have never used before. We now look forward to using this due for more accurate assays and optimizing the SOP to suit our needs. Thanks Nexcelom!

The Cellometer X2 is very has fast and easy to use! It has saved a ton of time versus counting by hand. Training new people is a breeze, too. Nexcelom's support team has been extremely helpful with any questions or issues as well!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is an essential work horse of our cell culture facility. The unit delivers consistent and reliable results, while being remarkably easy to use!

The Cellometer K2 is great because it only requires 20 uL of sample for cell counting, which is important for when we need to perform counts and are limited with a small number of cells. My lab uses CD34+ cells from patients, so the cells we have are quite costly. The K2 counts are accurate and reliable, and it is quick and easy to count the cells using AOPI because the reaction occurs quickly. Thanks Nexcelom!

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is the best cell counter I have ever used! It does not require cell staining, easily and rapidly offers the cell concentrations and can also provide cell diameters. This machine is user-friendly and does not need complex steps. Also, it can store the data for many measured times. I love this cell counter and would recommend to friends in other labs! - Pengchao Zhang, Houston Methodist Research Institute

The Cellometer Auto 2000 from Nexcelom is very robust and useful for counting PBMCs. I have used Cedex and Vi-Cell in the past, which took a lot of time while waiting for samples to be counted. With the Auto 2000, my cells don't need to sit in a tube while waiting for cell count results!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has expedited our vast tissue culture work with easy, customizable counting. The value cannot be understated! - Megan Conlon, Stanford

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very easy to use. It makes my day less stressful and the staining is quick an easy! The results are timely and help me get my counts in a timely manner.

Our Cellometer X2 has made cell counting quicker, faster and easier by allowing us to perform more cell counts and improve our pitch rates at the brewery! - Molly Eveleth, Swamp Head Brewery

I have just joined the Immune Monitoring lab at Human Longevity and they have the Cellometer Auto 2000 and it is amazing! It cuts cell counting from about 30 minutes down to about 2 minutes or so! This really speeds up the down stream applications! I have used it for both primary and immune cells with equal success and reliability. - Cheryl Andreoli, Human Longevity, Inc

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very easy to use. I like that I can set the type of cells being measured in the software. It gives and easy-to-use read out. I used the Countess previously and I prefer this system over it! - Amy Rymaszewski, Medical College of Wisconsin

We love the Cellometer Auto 2000! It is very effective, convenient and saves my time! It is very easy to use with the touch screen!

We love our Cellometer Mini! It is so easy and accurate, it makes cell counting a breeze and the ease of use is awesome for students and residents!

The Cellometer X2 is the perfect instrument for your daily cell counting needs. It is very easy to operate so training others and passing along knowledge is a breeze. While the images are very useful and give us precise counts, they also allowing us to see how our yeast is flocculating. - Alec Dvoretsky, Two Roads Brewing Company

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is an excellent cell counter with an integrated touch screen computer. Works great, east to use, and very convenient to transfer data!

The ease at which I can count bone marrow samples without Red Cell Lysis buffer to get total nucleated cell counts quickly and accurately with the Cellometer Vision CBA has allowed our research to expand drastically! - Daniel Kuebler, Franciscan University

On the Cellometer Auto T4, the saved parameters for different cell types enable me to count different cell types efficiently and without having to manually adjust the conditions for each one.

The Cellometer Auto T4 has been a great addition to our lab! It greatly reduces the amount of time needed to count cells and helps consistency between individuals. Overall, I am very pleased with the performance and ease of use! - Jesse Washnock-Schmid, University of Michigan

Using the Cellometer Auto T4 has cut down the amount of time spent on counting dramatically! We also tend to find more consistent cell counts than when using the hemacytometer.

The Cellometer Vision CBA is a perfect cross between the Bio-Rad cell counter and regular flow cytometer. We are just beginning to use this method of platelet counting and we are looking toward to continue using this instrument! - Shauna-Kay Spencer, University of Mississippi Medical Center

We really like our Cellometer Auto 2000! The faster, move accurate cell counts have improved our data and analysis! - Leila Mulder, Colorado State University

Here at the University of South Florida, we use the Cellometer Auto T4 in our labs. Its precision in counting and the feature for showing counted and uncounted cells are my favorite features of this device. The counting process is fast and also easy to operate. I love using this machine! - Shihab Uddin, University of South Florida

We initially purchased the Cellometer Auto 2000 for our tissue culture cell counting and we were so pleased with it that when the time came to expand our tissue culture room, we purchased a second instrument, the Cellometer K2! The ease of use and the ability to quickly generate live/dead information has been extremely helpful for all our tissue culture needs.

We love using our Cellometer Auto 2000 with the live/dead assay to determine viability! - Steven Frisch, West Virginia University

The Cellometer is a great product - a simple and accurate means of measuring your cell count!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has drastically improved my efficiency in the lab. The speed and precision with which it counts cells has saved me so much time! It is very user friendly and I would highly recommend it to anyone who does any kind of cell culture work.

The Cellometer X2 device has made cell counting and viability assessment a breeze! In a production brewery environment where accurate yeast cell counts and viabilities are essential to creating the perfect beer, the Cellometer X2 system makes the process simple and accurate without complex training or additional equipment. Compared to the traditional microscope and hemocytometer, the X2 system and software are easy to use, easy to interpret and simple to adjust. I would recommend this system to any brewery! - Tom Boudreau, Stone Brewing

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very easy to use, reliable and fast! No specialized skill is needed. I have used this instrument for 7 years and never have any problems with it!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 gives very reliable cell counts, much superior to the competition! - Satinder Dahiya, CHOP

We have been using the Cellometer Mini for years now and we are very happy to have a machine which is easy to use and gives good results!

Our experience using the Cellometer Vision CBA has been great! It is so useful. We recommend the instrument due to convenience and speed of reading.

I use the Cellometer Auto T4 for counting primary cells containing heterogeneous populations of cells. It has been a great help since primary cells contain so many undetectable cells using mechanical cell counting procedure. This allows me to detect the cell sizes of my own interest, which is cancer cells.

We have been using the Cellometer Auto 2000 to count splenocyte samples without RBC lysis. The Cellometer Auto 2000 and the AOPI Viastain gives us the ability to get an accurate count of our live splenocytes while excluding the red blood cells.

The Cellometer Auto T4 has helped me save time in my research, improved reproducibility in my cell counts and allowed us to do more counts in each time point. I cannot think about doing research without it! - Fernando Merida, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez Campus

The Cellometer Auto 2000 RULES! Whether I have one sample or 50 samples to count, it is fast and accurate. Almost no matter what your cell concentration, the Auto 2000 will give you the concentration. And not only do you get live cell count, you also get percent viability and cell diameter. I use the Auto 2000 every time I count! - Amy Coddington, Kyowa Kirin Research

The Cellometer Auto T4 is convenient to count cells and results are consistent when we compare with a hemacytometer. The instrument automatically excludes Trypan Blue stained dead cells.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has changed the way we count cells. It saves time and takes away worries about inaccuracy! We can do a lot more in a day because of this machine.

The aspects of being able to image proliferation are key to our experiments. The Celigo Imaging Cytometer is very user friendly and the support staff is outstanding! - Pam Bogert, Mayo Clinic

I use the Cellometer K2. I like the fact that it is really easy to use and that you can program different cell types to be sure not to miss your population (sizes vary so much between cell types). Before I started to use this machine, I was mainly counting my cells with a hemacytometer coupled with Trypan Blue staining to check viability. I am now using routinely the K2 with AOPI for the same purpose. I did the comparison several times between the two methods and the results seem to be concordant. The K2 is really easy to use and really fast! I also like the fact that you can determine right away the proper volume to take for a desired number of cells directly with the software. No more struggle for my students! I highly recommend this machine to everybody who works with students or a lot of different cell types for it is easy to use, robust and fast.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a precise and flexible tool for cell counting. Data recording and customizable tools are very convenient.

I really like this product! The Cellometer is very user-friendly and all slides are perfect! You never come up with broken or damaged slides in any boxes!

The Cellometer Vision CBA has helped me complete my experiments much faster! The instrument allows for rapid cell counts and even has a tool that can help calculate the cell concentration in no time. I love the counting chambers that are easy to load as well!

The analysts in the lab really like working with the Cellometer Auto T4 due to rapid results and ease of use! It has good accuracy and the images are easy to read.

The Cellometer is easy to use, fast, and reduces training time, test time and user errors! - Xiuyun Hou, MIT Koch Institute

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is great! We use it for counting all types of cells and to also look at it's quick phenotype!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very simple and user friendly! It's especially useful to be able to save different cell lines, so that the reading can be more accurate for different cell lines.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has a beautiful interface that is easy to use. We process whole blood, and our viability counts have gone up now that the RBCs are excluded.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very reliable and easy to use! Counting cells is much simpler with this instrument!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has provided a robust method for counting cell samples without tech-tech variability. It's great! - Victoria Groysberg, UCLA Health

The Cellometer Auto 2000 counter has been an incredible addition to our workflow at UCLA Immunogenetics Center. We routinely count PBMCs and cryopreserve them at a specific number per vial. Since adding the Auto 2000 to the lab, our samples have become more reliable in terms of viability and accuracy of counts. I would highly recommend this to any biorepository lab! - Tiffany Sidwell, UCLA

The Cellometer Mini design is very elegant. Before I got the device, I thought it might be another boring, normal one. But when I received it, I found that it is very easy to set up! The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The operation procedures are simple and easy to follow, which may save a lot of time. The counting results are accurate and the software is very easy to understand and use. The results can be directly viewed on the screen, and it also saves a lot of energy!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 makes it easier to get an accurate count on my cells compared to flow cytometry. I am comfortable with it and trust the data that I obtain!

The Cellometer Vision CBA makes counting cells so much easier and less labor intensive!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has changed the way my lab works! It is a streamlined workflow and is extremely user friendly!

We purchased a Cellometer K2, and all members in our lab love it! It is more accurate and efficient! With auto-counters from other vendors, we always got very confused counts, especially for PBMCs. With the K2, we always get consistent and reliable results! - Mengling Liu, HD Biosciences

We have the Cellometer Auto T4 system, and it is very easy to use! We also had the chance to meet with our local rep and learn more about the Celigo Imaging Cytometer. We are looking forward to learning about the system and using it! - Mania Kavosi, Pfizer

We used to use the ViCell to count our cells, but now we use the Cellometer K2. This system is much quicker and requires less of our cells for counting. The system also has a smaller footprint which is nice!

Our Cellometer Auto 2000 has increased the speed and ease of cell counting. Using it with the AOPI dye has made our cell count and viability measurements much more consistent and accurate than Trypan Blue for morphologically varied tissue homogenates (e.g. mouse small intestines).

The Cellometer X2 is an easy to use, reliable cell counter. Made our life in the lab way easier! We are very happy with our Cellometer X2! - Veronique Grenier, Maui Brewing Co.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a great instrument to simultaneously calculate cell concentration and percent viability for different kinds of cultured cells stained with Trypan Blue. We have been using regular glass hemacytometer with a coverslip, counting under the microscope for hours and clean it with alcohol before repeating. This instrument is a time saver, period! Live to dead discrimination is perfect for most cultured cancer cell lines. I have not found any difficulties counting with logical cell culture density. I recommend this product for everyone who is looking for a fast and reliable cell culture counting instrument! The software is very easy to use, and results are few clicks away.

The Cellometer K2 has allowed us to speed up our experiments with PBMCs by giving us quick and accurate cell counts! Our experiments require precise cell densities in order for our data to be reliable and usable for our clients.

The Cellometer K2 has made cell counting easier and more cost effective. Initially, counts were compared from the K2 to the Flow Analyzers and we find they are comparable, but using the K2 requires less time and sample size!

The Cellometer K2 has helped with the counting of primary hepatocytes. It has made it much easier for accurate counting of cells!

The Cellometer Mini bright field automated cell counter is great for measuring viability of cell lines and cultured primary cells when samples are stained with Trypan Blue. This machine has very accurate cell counting software algorithms that can identify, count, and measure bright, live cells and stained dead cells in under 10 seconds - even cells that are clumped together or irregularly shaped! Also, it is very easy to use as well as powerful! - Umakant Sharma, University of Miami

We love our Cellometer Mini! It's so easy to use and only uses a small footprint of our valuable real estate. -Matthew Long, University of Washington

On the Cellometer Auto T4 I appreciate the automated data recording/log-ins. It has saved a lot of time! The ability to save the images and reanalyze them later is also very useful for reviewing and auditing old data!

We have just received our brand new Cellometer X2! We are looking forward to seeing how we can manage fermentation using the X2!

The Cellometer Vision CBA has greatly streamlined our cell counting activities and its versatility has enabled us to customize many unique counting protocols for different cell lines. All in all, well worth the investment!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is easy to program, troubleshoot, and use. It is so fast and user friendly that it speeds up the research process tremendously! -Renata Linardi, UPENN

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has greatly aided the development of our tissue dissociation assays. The unit allows fast quantification of viable white blood cells from a heterogeneous population following spleen, thymus, lymph node, etc. dissolution which can then quickly proceed to downstream flow-based analysis. The time saved by this method has been extremely valuable! - Stephen Grossman, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

We use the Cellometer Auto 2000 daily to count cells and assess viability of cells derived from a variety of sources. For example, we perform a lot of cell line work, and need accurate counts and viability assessments before using the cells in downstream assays. We work with frozen human PBMC cells as well and require accurate counts and, even more importantly, detailed viability information on the cells that we have thawed, cultured or manipulated in some way. Thus, we use the AOPI reagent to get very accurate counts and viability measurements on our cultured/manipulated/stimulated cells. I've personally compared the results using our Cellometer vs. other counting instruments, and have concluded that the Cellometer is superior to all other devices tested! - David DiLillo, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

I love this machine! The Cellometer Auto T4 is very convenient to use and super helpful to our culture work. It needs only 20uL cell suspension and takes 1 minute to count and you are all set! - Qianqian Guo, Mayo Clinic

The Cellometer Auto T4 makes it easier to count the cell numbers so we can save time, especially when having a lot of samples! It also increases the accuracy of our cell count compared to using manual methods.

We have three super heavy users for the Celigo who are becoming experts, and about four more using the Celigo on a weekly basis. So far we are all very impressed with the results! - UCLA

The Cellometer K2 is very fast and efficient. It has turned what used to be a hassle in the lab into a breeze! - Andrew Schade, KCAS

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has streamlined our Biorepository Core PBMC counting procedures allowing for a quicker, more precise and more reliable/reproducible cell count. The Auto 2000 has become a cornerstone to our daily Biorepository/ Bio-banking process! - Joseph Keir, Oklahoma medical Research Foundation

With the Celigo, we are performing proliferation experiments on cultured cells with ease, compared to previous methods. We can look at cyst growth and quantitate proliferation rates. - Pam Bogert, Mayo Clinic

The Cellometer K2 really allows for my experiments to run smoother and quicker. Due to the automated counting, I am able to count all my samples in a fraction of the time!

My lab uses the Cellometer K2 to count splenocytes for our experiments. It is much faster and more convenient than manual cell counting!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very helpful as we are able to distinguish the live from the dead cells. I would definietely recommend it! It also has good quality images that makes work easier!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has allowed our lab to do more accurate cell experiments by helping us quickly and easily count our cells. I like the easy-to-use interface of the counting software which allows us to use any cell type and count quickly! - Sheri Kelemen, Temple University

My colleague and I have been using the Cellometer Auto 2000 for a year now and absolutely love it! We are doing in vitro stimulation culturing of PBMCs followed by both intracellular cytokine staining and Elispot. The cell counter has facilitated and streamlined our work. Upon receiving the PBMCs, we generally count and then begin culturing the cells under differing growth conditions. After a 14-day culture, we harvest the cels and then set up our assays. The Auto 2000 makes the counting step so much easier! While the differing cultures are in the final wash/spin, we count the cells. This generally takes about 90 seconds for each growth condition, so that by the time the last spin is done, we already know the cell count and have determined what volume they need to be re-suspended in to achieve a linear cell concentration within our assays. No more looking in the microscope and trying to determine whether a cells is dead or not, whether it is a lymphocyte or erythocyte, etc. And the results are consistent! - Chris Elly, Human Longevity, Inc

The Cellometer is easy to use and we are very happy with it. It has lasted us quite a long time and technical help is easy to get!

I am using the Cellometer Auto T4 as well as another cell counter. I stain with Nexcelom's AOPI when I use the other cell counter and it works great! I have the perfect cell stain. I love it!

The Cellometer Auto T4 provides very quick cell counts and viability checks.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very accurate, easy to use, and there is no need to repeat your count! - Hui Xu, HD Biosciences

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a very reliable device, we use it to count various cell types everyday! The software to drive the Auto T4 already pre-installed some types of cells for you, such as human and mouse cells, and many cell lines as well.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has greatly increased our productivity for in vitro experiments. The automated counting saves hours of time each week compared to manual counting with a hemacytometer! Also being able to quickly access viability of cells is great!

The Cellometer Vision CBA is very helpful with cell viability and plating. It really saves time!

I like using the Cellometer Auto 2000 when counting T cells stained with AOPI. - Bonnie Le, TCR2

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very useful when I have to deal with more than 4-6 samples. Based on some comparison tests with the classic hemacytometer, the machine is quite accurate!

The Cellometer K2 makes counting cells very easy and efficient! Going from a manual hemacytometer to the Cellometer saves us a lot of time in the lab!

The Cellometer Vision CBA has been so useful because now we do not waste a lot of time counting cells. Also, proliferation and viability experiments are too easy to analyze using this Cellometer! - Ana Milena Reyes Ramos, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

The Cellometer K2 makes counting cells very easy and efficient! Going from a manual hemacytometer to the Cellometer saves us a lot of time in the lab!

The Cellometer Vision CBA has been so useful because now we do not waste a lot of time counting cells. Also, proliferation and viability experiments are too easy to analyze using this Cellometer! - Ana Milena Reyes Ramos, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez

The Cellometer Auto 2000 works well, and it has helped speed up the cell counting process compared to manually counting.

This Cellometer Auto T4 is fundamental to a lot of the work done in my lab. It can be relied upon to give precise cell counts in a matter of seconds, and helps save a lot of time in the lab! - Ryan Brown, University of Chicago

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has made functional testing of T cells a much quicker and simpler process than before! When the cell concentration of each population in a 96 well plate must be determined, it is hard to imagine having to count the cells by hand and doing this in a timely manner. Great product!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is a must-have piece of equipment in the lab! It makes life easy and saves a lot of time counting cells. It's easy to use and very portable piece of equipment which does not require a lot of space in the lab. If and when a technical issue arises, the tech team will eagerly support you. The team does not hesitate to visit your lab right away if they are in the vicinity of your lab. If not, they will immediately make arrangements to visit you to resolve your issue at the earliest. This is one company, to my experience, that stands by you and their product at all times. - Sanat Dave, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

The optics on the Celigo are better than I expected, and the instrument is easy to calibrate! - Thomas Andrews, UTHSCSA-GCCRI

I like working with the Cellometer Auto 2000 because I can get quick, consistent results! Before the Auto 2000, our lab was manually counting cells with a hemacytometer. Manual counting can be time-consuming and inconsistent. As a result of this time-saving equipment, we can focus more of our time and energy on what matters most - our research!

The Cellometer X2 is an oustanding machine for applications. We love it and use it often! It is user friendly and easy to use for the students. We also have published data with the machine. - Sumi Dinda, Oakland University

We had a demo with the Cellometer Auto 1000, and it worked great. Overall, it is a lot faster then our other reader and has a larger range of acceptable concentrations. It is robust enough to keep up with our labs needs.

I like the Cellometer Auto 2000 in general, I like the accuracy and the ability to use it for different cell types!

On the Cellometer Auto 2000, the AOPI stain is great for routine cell counting, and much more accurate than Trypan Blue. I am grateful the touchscreen is not capacitive, as we wear gloves when using it. - Luis Rodriguez, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

I use the AOPI viability dye with the Cellometer Auto 2000 to count primary murine and human cells, as well as cell lines. The cell counts are more accurate than traditional Typan Blue method.

We are addicted to using the Cellometer Auto 2000 over grid counting cells. The instant calculation of dilutions, cell diameter, cell viability and a count in each population has helped us tremendously.

The Cellometer Mini is very easy to use and performs well, even with small cells.

The ability to use AOPI dyes in cell counting has greatly increased our ability to count potentially difficult cell populations, such as PBMCs. When the separation has a higher amount of debris present, I feel that I am able to get a more accurate count using this machine, rather than just with Trypan Blue stains!

The Cellometer Mini is a fantastic instrument! It has been very reliable over the last 6 momths and we use it every week. No issues counting viable cells! - Joe Taube, Baylor University

The Cellometer Mini saved my time and eyes for sure! The best part is that the software provides many options to adjust the setting for different cell shapes and clumps. Our Applications Scientist from Nexcelom was excellent in helping me set up the assays and gave a training session regarding many useful functions.

The Cellometer Mini has made my life so much easier! Definitely beats counting cells by hand. It has been so nice to have this product!

The Cellometer Vision with your specialized chlorophyll fluorescein module will save us countless hours of microscope work by providing a reliable viability count of cells in a matter of minutes. We love it!

No more second guessing when counting cells as with the hemacytometer. The Cellometer Auto 2000 is fast, easy, and most of all - accurate! The computer even counts the volume you need for future experiments. The images can be saved as a reference too. The Cellometer makes the whole process very enjoyable! - Carole Grenier, Duke University Medical Center

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a huge help in performing cell seeding and drug treatment as well as other cell assay related experiments in the lab. The Auto T4 allows us to count the cells very fast and set the cell size parameters. The disposable sample chambers prevent contamination and are easy to use. It also offers the ability to save the data and print it.

Our Cellometer Auto 1000 has greatly sped up our work! Cell counts load so much faster, and our favorite part was the set up. Nexcelom's representatives came out multiple times to make sure all of our cell types could be counted efficiently and effectively. They were a pleasure to work with! - Talia Just, Northwestern University

We use the Cellometer K2 almost every day and my work is so much faster now! My counting is much more accurate and I also improved my cell cycle experiments that are easier and faster thanks to the Cellometer! - Rossella Titone, UT Southwestern Medical Center

The Cellometer K2 makes counting a large number of samples extremely fast! Its fluorescence capabilities makes it a must-have in any biology lab! - Melvin Thomas, UTA

I work with cancer cell lines and some of them grow in clumps making it difficult to count cell numbers. However, by using the Cellometer Mini I am able to get an accurate cell count! I also use the Cellometer K2 for apoptosis assays which makes light of a lot of work, since traditional flow cytometry is time consuming and requires a high number of cells.

I did my Postdoctoral work in the Kipins Lab at UVA. As part of a well-funded group looking to do cutting-edge science, I was involved in a lot of the purchasing decisions. We had a gorgeous confocal, a 2-Photon microscope, great FACS capabilities, you name it --- but I swear the best thing I recommended was our Nexcelom cell counter! The Cellometer Auto 2000 was easily the most-used piece of equipment in the lab. Super-reliable, accurate, and fantastic support on the rare occasion we needed something adjusted. Now that I've moved on to the next phase of my career, I did not even want to see machines from anyone else. HIGHLY recommended! - Noel Derecki, Janssen

The Cellometer Auto 2000 has been a huge help to our lab! Before purchasing, we used to count on the old fashioned glass hemacytometer, always with some variability. Now, all that we do is mix our cells with the AOPI, put them on the slide, and count. It has been great help!

With the Cellometer Auto 2000, our cell viability assay take about 25% of the time it used to take using flow cytometry!

The lab I am in uses the Cellometer Auto 2000. It is so much faster than manually counting cells, and the count is every bit as accurate. It is extrememly easy to use and saves everyone in the lab a lot of time!

I have been using the Celigo for 3D tumorsphere assays in 384 well plates and for 2D growth tracking in 6 well plates. The Celigo is relatively easy to use and the manual that comes with the software is extremely useful. The machine has allowed me to quickly analyze growth of cells in different conditions, both 2D and 3D, over time. The images taken by the instrument are crisp. Furthermore, the ability of the machine to accurately measure spheroid size and migration allows me to perform experiments in 384 well plates with ease!

The Cellometer Auto T4 and Cellometer K2 make it really easy to obtain cell numbers and makes counting cells less of a task! Basically makes life easy! - Aparna Swarup, Wuxi AppTec

My principle application is the routine counting of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). Our laboratory supports phase one cancer research and PBMCs are the preferred surrogate tissue to assess chemotherapeutic activity for time course studies. We have been measuring PBMCs using a Coulter Z1 particle counter. Unfortunately, red blood cells (RBCs) significantly interfere with this instrument and vary widely between patients. Knowing that pre-analytical steps are often considered to be less important than the ensuing technical aspects of bioanalytical methods and are often insufficiently investigated and thus, underestimated. Also, realizing that pre-analytical variables can significantly impact the reliability of our biomarker measurements; and that standardizing specimen collection, handling, processing, and storage methods definitely minimize pre-analytical errors. The K2 offers a solution to the inaccuracy of RBC interference without a Coulter counter and is greatly preferred to the time-consuming manually counting PBMCs with a hemacytometer. - Ken Czambel, The Universitry of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very intuitive and works great! Overall, the best cell counter that I have used! - Rick Huang, University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

The Cellometer X2 has significantly improved our proccess for enumerating our cultures without having to wait 2-3 days for plates to grow. Along with the yeast viability dye, we are able to get both concentration and viability of our cultures in less than an hour, including performing dilutions!

I have the Cellometer K2, and this is my fourth instrument from Nexcelom. It is a great workhorse! The machine has been in use constantly for 2 years now with no problems. - Doris Wiener, Lion Biotechnologies

The Cellometer Vision CBA has helped us optimize a lot of our experiments. Not only is it fast and reliable, but it is easy to modify and create assays within the program. I would recommend it to others!

The lab I work in uses a Cellometer with AOPI Staining Solution. The Cellometer and AOPI combo make it extremely easy to count cells, both automatically and manually. I am grateful for the time they save me!

I use the Cellometer Auto T4 very often and the Celigo Imaging Cytometer occasionally. Having an automated cell counter has made cell counting much faster! The viability determination is an added bonus. Besides the library of cell types, the ability to create a new cell type is easy. The few times I have contacted customer service, they have always been helpful and the replies were fairly quick!

The best part of working with Celigo is its ability to run analysis on the fly. Also, the assay-specific algorithms that come with the program are very useful, e.g. the wound healing analysis method with a well mask is the most convenient method I've used among multiple instruments and analysis software packages.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is much more convenient than using a hemacytometer. Also, I like how there are many different cell types to chose from!

I've used the Cellometer Auto T4 for many cell lines and I like it because there are so many options for cell types.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a very easy and reliable technique that we are using for cell viability assays. It's very easy to handle the instrument, and the sample consumption is low and you can take as many replicates as you want. The software is flexible and gives you a variety of options, such as set the range of diameter of the cells and use the calculator to find the volume needed for desired number of cells based on the cell number you got. The slides are comfortable and can perform two counts on each one. Sample loading is simple and easy to count and you can also save the data generated.

My lab loves the Cellometer Auto T4! We use it multiple times each day. It is easy to focus and see the counts. We love how we can manually make sure the counter is working correctly and adjust it the few times it may miss some cells. Plus, the fact that you can import cell types from the pre-loaded bank makes it easy to count new cell lines. - Luis Orozco, SBP Disovery Institute (CPCCG)

We use our Cellometer Auto 2000 daily for our cell culture counting and viability assays. It's very easy to use, with user-friendly software, quick and accurate cell counting, proper record keeping, and cheap maintenance. It's a small treasure for our GMP lab and I highly recommend it!

The Nexcelom Cellometers are the way to go! They are easy to use and give you cell counts fast. The software for the Cellometer Auto T4 is easy and intuitive. But most importantly, the consumables are very cost-effective relative to competitor products.

I like how the images can be saved for reference on the Cellometer X2! - Raymond Furman, MGPI of Indiana, LLC

The Cellometer K2 significantly expedites the process of cell counting. I can now compare growth kinetics between large amounts of samples.

The Cellometer paired with the CS2-0106-5ML AOPI Staining solution increased our counting efficiency significantly as well as quantification accuracy. Our former method was manual, Trypan Blue and hemacytometer microscope counting, which was a much longer process and prone to a higher probablility or error.

The Cellometer K2 has been integral for our continued tissue biorepository success. We have been able to really distinguish between varying cell types.

The Cellometer K2 is definitely in the line of simple to use cell counters. The K2 has sped up our cell counting process enormously. We were accustomed to using the manual method of the hemacytometer, which was a very tedious process. The Cellometer K2 is able to provide us with cell counts within thirty to forty seconds!

In just one simple step, the Cellometer's auto-focus technology produces accurate cell counts in less than 30 seconds! It's so easy to archive and analyze. - Xiuyun Hou, MIT - Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

The Cellometer Mini has saved me tremendous amounts of time while producing valid and reliable results for my assay development.

We just recently purchased the Cellometer Auto 2000 system and routinely use it for mesenchymal stem cell count and viability. I like that it's fully automated, and all the analysis takes less than a minute! It's more accurate than to manually count with a hemacytometer.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a nice device for cell counting! The great feature is the ability to count clumps of cells! All counted cells are highlighted by green and the dead cells by red. - Artem Kononenko, Tufts University

The speed and simplicity of the Cellometer Auto 2000 is great. Such a time-saver over the old-fashioned hemacytometer. Easier and less messy to use than the Beckman Vi-Cell.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is a great cytometer! It works well counting PBMCs isolated from human blood. We tested the counts in comparison to our old cytometer and by counts made by eye, and the numbers were accurate and reliable!

The Cellometer Auto T4 is a very high functioning machine that operates with high accuracy and precision for measuring concentrations and percent viability for cultured cells stained with Trypan Blue. The Auto T4 meets the claims of reporting within 30 seconds the live, dead, and total cell count, the live and total cell concentration; the mean cell diameter, and the percent viability. I really love the ability and functions where it automatically generates a cell size histogram based on cell size. I love this machine and it is a must-have for our upstream lab!

The Cellometer gives us precise data and makes counting easy. I like that there are different ways of counting different cells. We count live/dead with AOPI stain.

The Cellometer X4 automated cell counter has been monumentally helpful for me. I do numerous Trypan Blue assays to assess growth of various different cell types, and it saves me so much time with the automated process. I save so much time that I can even do my counts in triplicate and run statistics!

Our Cellometer Auto 2000 has been a staple in multiple of our projects. We use it on a daily basis and have been very happy with its performance. It is reliable and a huge time saver!

The Cellometer K2 is one of the most useful machines I use! It quickly and accurately counts cells for both quality control and fresh orders of PBMCs has increased output.

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very useful to count low numbers of cells and also to check viability. It is quick and easy to use, I would refer it to other colleagues! - Elizabeth Graver, MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Cellometer Auto T4 automated cell counter makes the lab life fun and easy! Before this, I used a hemacytometer for counting cells which took so much time and had many difficulties, especially when the number of samples were large. The Auto T4 is able to ease that pain. Also, its precision is very high and numbers are very reproducible. Overall A+ - Wishrawana Sarathi Ratnayake, University of South Florida

I used to manually count with a hemacytometer for a year but the numbers I used to get were confusing and seemed biased. The Cellometer machine gives precise readings and is very easy to use! - S M Anisul Islam, University of South Florida

The Cellometer Auto T4 has led to precise cell counts quickly and easily which has revolutionized my workflow and substantially cut down on time in the lab!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has made counting much easier and efficient. It saves so much time and yields precise results. - Tracess Smalley, University of South Florida

The ease and efficiency of the Cellometer K2 has decreased the amount of time spent counting cells using the hemacytometer.

We love the Celigo as it is providing us many new ways to test and confirm our assays. It also provides us with live images of our cells post-sort and enables us to generate growth charts. - Mehrnoosh Abshari, NIH - NIDCR

The Cellometer Auto T4 saves us time and helps us to minimize subjective judgement. At the same time, the Cellometer provides an excellent way to store the results to present and discuss in groups when needed.


Our Cellometer Auto T4 is easy to use, quick, and provides comprehensive information about our cells, such as cell counts for alive and dead cells. Having used a manual hemacytometer in the past, I am very pleased with the Cellometer Auto T4.

We use the Cellometer X2 to develop assays to measure protozoa and bacterial cell counts.

I am working with PBMCs, and this product makes it much easier to count the living cells while it automatically separates the undesired cells and analyzes them. Meshell Hardy -Cognate Bioservices

The Cellometer X2 has provided me with reliable counting that has standardized our cytotoxicity assay and maintains consistency across various users. Previously, I was using a hemacytometer for counting our human cell lines, which would often give me intense headaches from staring into a microscope for long periods of time. This is no longer a problem with the Cellometer X2! I would recommend this product to anyone who needs reliable cell counts for mammalian cell lines.

The Cellometer is much faster than manually counting and more accurate! It is very user-friendly, which also makes it great for our new hires in the lab.

We use the Cellometer Auto T4 for counting leukocytes in single cell suspensions of mouse skin. This machine is a great addition to our lab, as leukocytes are too small of a population to manually count via hemacytometer. The counts are quick, reliable, and have sped up our isolation process for a number of applications. We are very satisfied with this product. Michael Podolsky -Penn State University

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is the best automatic cell counter because it always counts the cells consistently and accurately! Margarete Hafley -UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Cellometer K2 has drastically changed our work flow in the lab. We are able to gather cell counts in minutes rather than waiting overnight for colonies to grow on plates. It also cuts down time in the prep of plating and error in plating/counting. The amount of time that the machine has saved us is incalculable - it has allowed us to move projects along much more quickly and with confidence. Cami Anderson -Synlogic

I have been using the Cellometer Mini for over 2 years now and its works fantastically! It is quick and efficient for getting cell counts for my cell culture experiments.

We were originally using the Cellometer Auto T4 system for cell count and viability and it made our cell counts quicker than when using a hemacytometer! But now we have upgraded to the Cellometer Vision CBA, and the focusing time is almost on par with a conventional microscope and with the extremely useful fluorescent cell counting. This system will probably outlast the computer we use to operate it! Reinaldo Agostini -University of Puerto Rico

Before our lab moved, we were utilizing the Cellometer Vision CBA from Nexcelom. The capabilities of this machine are amazing. The Propidium Iodide (PI) staining for cell cycle analysis was the function we used most frequently. This helps remove the need for a large volume of cells like flow would require. Since our cell lines were going into arrest after our manipulations, we were unable to generate large quantities of cells for traditional flow. The Vision CBA fit perfectly for our needs. Now, we use the Cellometer Mini due to financial constraints when our lab moved. It is still a great instrument, but if given the chance, I'd 100% without a doubt go back to the Cellometer Vision CBA. There's too many things it can do to pass it up! Amy Rosado -Nemours Children's Hospital

I absolutely trust the Cellometer Auto 2000 cell count results for primary and immune cells. It's easy to use and provides the accuracy I need for my experiments. It is one of the best lab purchases! All I know is that I'm never counting primary cells manually again! The customer service is great as well! Joseph Castillo -Genentech

The Cellometer Vision CBA has provided highly trustworthy and fast results using the powerful algorithms for automated image-based cell counts and flow-like analysis. Plus, there is no need to clean up the instrument and it is a very user-friendly interface. I highly recommend it!

We rely on our Cellometer Auto T4 to count for all the cell counting in the lab! The calculator function is a great tool to have.

The Cellometer K2 is always reliable, we use it daily for our cell culture counting and viability assays. The one time we had some questions about it, Nexcelom's customer service team knew exactly how to fix it. Great service!

Using the Cellometer improves our accuracy and reduces testing time and errors. I like how it automatically archives our test results! Xiuyun Hou -Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

I love using the Nexcelom Cellometer! It has better quality when counting cells and it saves me a lot of time.

The Cellometer Auto T4 unit simplifies the counting of a variety of cell types and makes a more consistent counting method, which equals better science and confidence in our data. The system is easy to use and the operation for cell counting optimization and calculations is a powerful aspect of the system.

The Cellometer's ability to distinguish red blood cells makes my results more accurate and consistent and saves time!

The Cellometer instrument has such great cell counting technology. Definitely helping us see further into our process! Ben Parsley -POET

The Cellometer is way better than other vendors or devices I have used before. I am pleased with how durable it is. I am able to work much faster and get far better results!

Our Cellometer Vision CBA allows us to easily and accurately perform cell based assays for our drug resistance experiments!

The Cellometer Auto T4 has been a great addition to the lab. It is extremely accurate at cell counting in addition to detecting live and dead cells by Trypan Blue staining. The flexibility of reading cells of various sizes makes this optimal for any laboratory. The software is fast and easy to use!

With the Cellometer K2, I like the ability to fine tune individual parameters to modify cell counts if there is an error. The overall use of the machine is great. It has allowed me to gather data in a more high throughput fashion.

The Cellometer Auto 1000 has made my ability to count cells much quicker with more accuracy and consistency.

The Cellometer is really good at detecting red blood cells and my results are always very consistent.

Thanks to the Cellometer Auto 2000, I can do my flow cytometry and HSC transplantation faster and better, while giving a very repeatable reading!

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is very reliable in operation. It responds quickly between functions and usages without rebooting. It has great consistency between different functions/modes in cell counting.

I am currently using the Cellometer K2 in our lab, mostly to count T cells, PBMCs, and tumor cells. I use them for cell culture, and later the cells are used for further assays like ELISA and FACS. The instrument is very accurate, especially with AOPI.

The Cellometer instrument is easy to use, accurate, and requires only a small volume of sample!

I have been working with my local Nexcelom representative on validation related issues. She has been very helpful and always professional. Thank you so much! Doug Shoenfield -Cognate BioServices, Inc.

I have used different models of the Nexcelom Cellometer in various labs and it is definitely the standard for cell counting. Results are consistent time and again, the reliability of which is great when performing duplicate or triplicate counts. One of the best things about the Cellometer Auto 2000 in particular is the ability to distinguish dead cells from live ones based on different color staining. It allows for visual confirmation of what the machine is already telling us, which is great when it comes to really low cell counts that can be quite demoralizing. I also enjoy the ability to establish several different settings based on the type of cell, and also appreciate Nexcelom's customer service! Melissa Yao -Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The Cellometer Auto T4 has been an absolute dream! It seems almost too easy to count live cells, compared to the hemacytometer that I was accustomed to. I can now quickly count cells and use the program to estimate volumes of cells that are needed in order to carryout my experiments. I also get clean images of cells to assess their quality and fitness.

Our Cellometer is an important asset to the work we do in our lab, specifically PBMC isolation. No common cell counter has the capacity to count PBMCs. We love the portability of the instrument (due to its small size) along with being able to see the cells on the screen and the extra features - such as sorting data, printout capability, and aliquot calculations. Truly a fantastic investment!

The Cellometer I use in the laboratory provides me with the capability to quickly access cell numbers for a variety of experiments. This instrument is easy to use and produces reproducible results.

The Cellometer is great! I am using it to count cells in a clinical lab; it's more accurate than any other device!

The Cellometer has streamlined our cell plating process and saves us valuable time while reducing the inherent variability of traditional cell counting techniques. It is the workhorse of the lab!

The Cellometer has revolutionized the way our lab is able to analyze cells. We are able to save both time and money using the Cellometer slides while maintaining high quality results.

The Cellometer Vision CBA is by far the best product we have used in our lab. In such little time, this small machine can capture images, analyze data and upload your data into a neat PowerPoint that can be used immediately. We have used this machine for apoptosis assays and cell cycle assays and it has not disappointed!

The Cellometer X2 has increased the throughput for my mammalian cell counting applications tremendously. Before, I was using a hemacytometer for counting cells, which was very time consuming, and it gave me a headache! But now, I can count my cells quickly, which gives me more time to do other tasks. Thanks Nexcelom!

The Cellometer has provided us with a fast and accurate means to count cells, from Trypan Blue to AOPI. The products are highly reliable and essential to the cell-based assays we perform.

My new research lab uses Nexcelom Cellometer slides to count cells. In my old lab we had to use a hemocytometer for counting and calculating cells the old fashion way. I believe with Nexcelom equipment I am able to get a more accurate measurement in a more efficient matter of time. It enables me to get more done with my assays. I could not be more satisfied with the product! - Simone Srendi, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute

The Celigo helps count many plates of adhesion cells in a quick time frame.

Our Cellometer instrument has allowed us to conveniently, consistently and reliably count cells and determine viability without having to sacrifice valuable time in the lab.

Skipping the hemocytometer step by using Cellometer means my counts are more accurate and I can get on with my experiments sooner! - Robert Reeves, Stanford Radiology

The Cellometer is a very reliable, easy and user-friendly instrument that can be applied onto research on a daily basis routine. It tremendously benefits the research process due to its simplicity and by generating the results in a blink of an eye!

The Cellometer is as reliable as they first day we opened the box!

The Cellometer is easy to use and there is no contamination of the instrument due to no culture contact; thus there is no cleaning, plugged lines, etc.

The Cellometer has made my time in the lab much easier because I can now count many types of cell lines in less time. I can choose from an extensive list of assays or create assays that fit the needs of my company. - Ashley Birdlh, Cognate BioServices Inc.

With the Cellometer, I like that I can process multiple samples faster than I could process cell counts manually. - Ashley Smith, Cognate BioServices Inc.

The Cellometer system has sped up and made cell counting more efficient. It accommodates many different cell lines and is easily customized to my company's needs. - Derek Grice, Cognate BioServices Inc.

The Cellometer Mini is incredibly rapid at counting cells. Even better, the software has a built-in calculator for determining dilutions It speeds up our work-flow. - Joe Taube, Baylor University

I love the ability to change fluorescence parameters on a dime to obtain an optimal image. The software for the Cellometer obviates a lot of counting time and human error.

The Cellometer makes cell counting much easier. It is great to get away from manual cell counting with Trypan Blue.

Before Nexcelom, cell counts were time-consuming and human error-ridden. Our Nexcelom Cellometer has completely changed how we cell count!

Thanks to the Celigo, we are now performing and monitoring 3D tumor spheroid growth inhibition routinely and easily. The multiplexing capacities of the machine are used regularly for organelles visualization, apoptosis and cell cycle assays; which highly decreases our use of a standard flow cytometer and increases our throughput by using mostly 96 and 384 well plates. Overall, the Celigo is very user friendly and we are very happy with our acquisition.

Every lab I've ever worked in has had a broken hemacytometer, and I've never seen an unbroken one. On top of dealing with archaic glass slides and cover slips, not manually counting the cell saves a remarkable amount of time. Thank you, Cellometer! - Evan Wells, Tulane University

The Cellometer Auto 2000 system has greatly simplified the way my company does cell counting and has become a very essential piece of equipment. We use it for both high and low RBC cell counting for viability purposes to accurately culture large volumes of cells. It has cut down on the amount of time we take to do cell counts and allows us to complete our processes in a very timely fashion. Truly a great product! - Derek Grice, Cognate BioServices, Inc.

The Cellometer helps us to count the cells efficiently and reduces our daily workload. - Yuhong Xiang, Pfizer

I used to count cells with the Beckman Coulter counter, but trying to count liver cells was a bit difficult due to clumping so I had to count them manually with a hemocytometer. However, using the Cellometer speeds up the counting process and makes counting the liver cells easier! - Julie Tran, USAMRID

The Cellometer has saved me a lot of time with cell counts and viability counts due to its accuracy, ease of use and automation. - Mark Murskyj, Diageo

Our company has recently began ordering more product from Nexcelom and so far we absolutely love them! Far better quality than most previously used products.

The Cellometer Mini is such a time saver compared to using the hemacytometer! We love it and use it all the time. It is easy for students and residents to use, which also saves us in training time.

Our lab does a lot of Flow Cytometry with different mouse tissues. So, having accurate cell counts is important! But the Cellometer is much faster and more accurate than our previous cell counter. It makes our lives much easier!

The Cellometer gives us a great calculation of cell count, cell size and cell viability measurement. With subculture, we always get consistent results! - Xiuyunn Hou, The Koch Institute - Cancer Research

... For those that I accept into my "lab boot camp," it [Cellometer Auto T4] has been great and we're now able to publish papers! Thinking back on how we got this far, it seems they all were initiated via Nexcelom's AutoT4 instrument; mainly because it is so user-friendly and generates such a variety of data quickly. At the same time, the Auto T4 has been a workhorse for my more formal graduate students. It stands as an integral tool we use at Mississippi College to create a great research elective experience. ... - John Piletz, Mississippi College

One of the main cell lines for my project is pretty difficult to work with. I'm still in the early stages with the Celigo, but its confluence and apoptosis assays seem promising in helping move my project forward. It's really nice to not have to trypsinize my cells every time I want to perform an assay with them. - Caitlin Nichols, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is a very efficient way to quickly count cells. We have been using it for every cell culture experiment and pass, making that step of the process pretty seamless.

Our Cellometer Auto 2000 has greatly improved the speed and accuracy of our cell counting and has allowed us to analyze our cell samples in a variety of ways. The AOPI feature has been integral in generating cell viable data for a few of our new projects. The customer service team is also amazing! They are very knowledgeable about their products and technology and are always available to help us troubleshoot.

I believe the Cellometer I purchased is a better choice than the more expensive Vi-Cell device. It is easy to operate with little trouble and the fluorescence viability is also great. All my team members love the Cellometer and we are definitely getting a lot more useful data from our daily cell culture work! I will recommend the instruments to anybody. - Allen Feng, HebeCell Corp

The Cellometer is great! It is extremely easy to use and makes experiments more efficient!

With the Cellometer, counting and plating cells is an incredibly easy process now - It only takes one or two minutes! I can now do cell culture effortlessly.

Cell plating is much easier and faster while using our Cellometer!

The Cellometer is user-friendly, saves us time, and provides consistent results! I love its clean process with no mess and no waste! I love it, and my students enjoy working with it! - Abdalla Aldras, East Stroudsburg University

I like the speed of quantification while using the Cellometer - Alexandru Movila, Forsyth Institute

I tried the manual-count cell counting chambers, the PD100s, which is good for 200 counts ,when working with bone marrow cells and MC3T3 cells. As a student without much experience working with cells, the manual counting chamber has helped me a lot! I strongly recommend it! - Mariane Azuma, Forsyth Institute

With the Cellometer, we can actually see cells while counting. We always feel very comfortable and confident with our results.

The Cellometer makes it incredibly easy to count cells! There is no more hand counting by eye. It is very easy to handle many cell lines at once and plate them accurately for various assays. The Cellometer software also makes it very easy to ensure you're accurately capturing cells. - Omar Abudayyeh, MIT

The Cellometer has really saved me a lot of time counting cells and it's fairly accurate! - Julia Joung, Broad Institute

The Cellometer Auto T4 is very user friendly! We use it mainly for cell count and viability with our primary T cells. It is very convenient and fast!

The Cellometer makes it much easier to count cells! Especially when I am doing an assay where I have to count up to 30+ separate cell samples in a short period of time - that really saves me!

The Cellometer has been incredibly helpful in streamlining routine cell counting. I routinely seed cultures of cells that require precise densities, and this product delivers fast results that are more consistent than counting by eye. This saves me several hours each week of manual counting!

The Cellometer really expedites my research when I'm dealing with multiple plates at once. I used to use traditional glass hemocytometers, but now I always use the Cellometer for counting!

We are very happy with our purchase. The Cellometer has been a lifesaver! In addition, the support we have received has been incredible. Thank you Nexcelom!

The Cellometer is very streamlined and makes it very convenient to count cells quickly, particularly when we are handling many different cells at the same time. Being able to adjust the focus is also a very useful tool given the size differential in many of our patient derived tumor cells.

The Cellometer is a very good instrument. We are able to produce very accurate cell counts compared to other devices. It also saves us a lot of time! This product is highly recommended. - Shaheed Shamsi, Humanzyme, Inc

The Cellometer makes maintenance cell culture and splitting a breeze! No more hemocytometers for me!

The Cellometer counts the cells and measures viability very nicely. I would definitely recommend this product for sensitive experiments!

We have yet to complete our initial validation, to no fault of Nexcelom or the unit. However, we are excited that the tedious task to manually counting will soon be over, and will be wonderfully streamlined thanks to the Cellometer. - Takesha McMillion, UNC Chapel Hill

I liked the AOPI stain application and the rapid counting of the desired population. We are also interested in the Celigo. We just had a great Celigo seminar last week and we look forward to the in-lab demo this week! - Mahwish Natalia, Pfizer Inc.

I have previously only used a hemacytometer to count cells. Using the Cellometer makes cell counting fast, efficient and 100% accurate. It has cool features such as many cell types, diameter and saving of data. - Bulbul Pandit, Humanzyme

I use the Cellometer for different assays and it's really accurate and fast. In addition, the different options available for different cell types (stem cells, or primary cells) and other features such as saving the information on the system are really helpful.

The Cellometer significantly streamlined our work-flow and dramatically improved the quality of data due to superior consistency in cell counts and viability measurements. - Jason Oh, Abbvie, Inc.

I really appreciate the speed of counting, the report templates built into the software and the fact that there is no maintenance needed with the Cellometer.

I like the fact that the slides for the Cellometer can be used not only in more than one machine, but for several other purposes. My colleagues use the slides that are in the plastic box for 3D skin viability.

The Cellometer that I use has really improved the accuracy and speed of our experiments. We sometimes use fluorescent stains to study cell death signaling and it would not be feasible to count thousands of cells across dozens manually. Plus, cell death is happening in real time, and is not waiting for researchers to count things by hand! Thanks to this machine, we have been able to execute our assays efficiently and confidently.

The Cellometer is a really great instrument that saves us a lot of time!

I have been working with the Cellometer for one year. It is very instrumental in the cell culture work that I am conducting for my PhD dissertation project. Additionally, I enjoy the intuitive interface that the Annexin V assay uses, and the ease and precise features of the trypan blue viability assay makes plating/cryopreserving cells a quick efficient task. - Crystal Lipsey, Morehouse School of Medicine

The Cellometer provides fast and reliable counting.

The Cellometer is fast reading, easy to operate, and makes the cell culture work a lot easier. - Lingling Zhang, Ariad Pharmacuticals

Automated cell counting with the Cellometer has allowed an increase in accuracy from operator to operator. This has eliminated user to user variability and has created a more consistent, reliable and accurate data set.  Having the capabilities to retrieve old data and images to troubleshoot and help with data analysis is a possibility and useful tool. - Ann Schulz, Juno Therapeutics

The Celigo is our "go to" for low resolution high speed scans. Particularly spheroid biology. I spoke highly of the system at the Cambridge HCA talk. - Steven Titus, NIH NCATS

We are very happy to use the Cellometer Mini. I need to count many cell lines and it saves time and gives me nice, accurate results. - Fotini Nicolaou, MGH

The Cellometer saves us time and is accurate! - Xiuyun Hou, Koch

The Cellometer is great from basic cell counting to more sophisticated, 2-color primary cell analysis, to fluorescent cell-based assays. - Ann Anu Kurian, Morehouse School of Medicine

We have really enjoyed the quickness and ease of use of the Cellometer for our viability screening. We previously used manual counting using Trypan Blue which was more time consuming and gave us a small total cell count. Switching to the Cellometer has improved the efficiency of our processing line and made training new technicians much easier. - Anna Kaestner, Carolinas Cord Blood Bank at Duke University Medical Center

The Cellometer gives us ease of use and speed.

The automation feature on the Celigo has greatly increased our work efficiency by integrating the imager to our robotic system. - Mandy Yim, Genentech

The Cellometer has changed the way we monitor and identify healthy cells. It allows us the opportunity to closely monitor single cells in record time. - Michael Parker, ATCC

We have used the Cellometer to standardize our work. Now anyone can plate cells and they look the same on the day of the experiment. It has saved us time and money. - Ryan D Mohan, UMKC

We have a good experience using the Cellometer for cell counts. - Isaac Sundar, University of Rochester Medical Center

I use the Cellometer for cell cycle analysis and trypan blue viability assays. With cell cycle, I find it quite handy as it is not as susceptible to cell clumping problems as flow cytometry. And with the viability assay, I find it very convenient. - Pierre Candelaria, Morehouse School of Medicine

The Cellometer has made things so much easier for us. I can count 30 different cells in less than 20 minutes! Saved us a lot of time. - Inan Olmez, University of Virginia

Our lab is using the Cellometer Auto T4, and this is the best cell counter I have ever used. You will be able to reach the cell numbers and viability at the same time. You can also set up your cell type to get more precise counting. It is a very good instrument.

The Cellometer makes cell counting so much easier and most importantly, faster! We save so much time now! It is easy to train new users as well. - Tara Medlin, LSU Health Science Center

The best thing our Cellometer gives me is the sizes of the cells counted and I can tell how well they are growing. - Shalu Sharma Kharkwal, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The new version of the Cellometer Auto T4 counts very fast. We have used the Auto T4 for almost 10 years.

The Cellometer's system and the service provided here have exceeded our expectations! - Martin LaGrange, WuXi AppTec

The Cellometer saves us a lot of time, as we often need to count 25-100 samples for a single experiment. I believe the Cellometer also helps us reduce person-to-person counting differences. The computer display is much easier to examine cell size, uniformity, and viability compared to a standard hemocytometer and microscope. - Alison Johnson, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

The Cellometer is incredibly easy to use and is faster and more reliable than most other cell counters I've used. I made sure my current lab purchased one when they were in the market because of my success with it from previous labs!

We have the Cellometer Auto T4. It has greatly accelerated the rate of production in our tissue culture facility. It's very accurate and we get reproducible results each time! - Jeff Anderson, Northwestern University

We have a Cellometer here in our lab at Morehouse School of Medicine in Dr. Gonzalez's laboratory. It has been great to use it for: Annexin V, Cell Cycle, Surface Markers, Trypan Blue viability assays. It is part of our daily routine now and we are very happy with it! - Adriana Harbuzariu, Morehouse School of Medicine

The Cellometer is quick and convenient and I find the cell counts to be just as reliable as using a hemacytometer. My lab cultures and passages several different cell lines and we save hours by substituting the Cellometer for the hemacytometer. I have trained my students in my advanced cell lab to use the Cellometer and they now spend less time counting cells and have more time to do experiments. - Robert Shurin, Wheeling Jesuit University

The Cellometer is quick and easy to use. It also does not take up a lot of space.

We can manage large experiments with considerably greater ease thanks to the automation of our Cellometer. - Colm Collins, University of Colorado

We were using the Countess II cell counter from Life Technologies, but the results were not consistent. We switched to Nexcelom's Cellometer and it worked very well with our cell counting applications and we have been getting consistent and reliable results. These are really important for us, because we are selling cell products to our clients and the cell count is one of the most critical QC parameters.

Our Cellometer has significantly cut down the time it used to take my lab to count cells. The viability percentage has also been very useful and handy. We also enjoy the accuracy, especially when it comes to very low or high cell numbers.

The Cellometer has made analysis and visualization of cells so easy and simple.

We bought the Cellometer about 1.5 years ago and it has been a great tool! We use the machine almost daily to count algae cells that are used to feed freshwater mussels. Without the Cellometer, we would be spending a lot more time each day counting algae by hand. This is a great instrument! - Ben Stahlschmidt, Columbia Environmental Research Center

The Cellometer has been used to count everything from C. elegans to human stem cells to mouse lymphocytes. It has given us valuable data in a short amount of time and filled the niche between flow cytometry and hemacytometers. - Julie Nelson, UGA CTEGD Cytometry SRL

We purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 cell viability counter. It is great for cell counting and viability recordings. The touch screen feature and cell imaging features are great.

We like to use our Cellometer Auto T4 on chicken hepatocytes! - Adrian Bustamante, Ceva Biomune

We LOVE the Cellometer. It makes our lives much easier! We probably save hours each week by not having to count manually.

The Cellometer works so well, it saves time to count out cells!

I don’t have to worry about my friends having crossed eyes from counting cells. All who have used our Cellometer have been grateful that it is in the building.

We have been using the Cellometer K2 for about 2.5 years. It is very convenient and robust. The service and technical support are also great. - Yalin Guo, ImmuNext Inc

The Cellometer is easy to use and easy to set up. We appreciate that it has the compliance function to be used in a GMP environment. It's automated so it removes the subjectivity out of the equation when performing cell counts. - Ann Schulz, Juno Therapeutics

The Cellometer has enabled all lab members to work on cell induction, cell immunohistochemistry and cell gene expression with much better efficiency and accuracy - Rebecca Aikens, Duke University

The Cellometer is a great instrument! The results are reproducible and counting is quick!

Our lab is currently using the Cellometer Auto 1000. It is very convenient, quick and easy to count cells on live preview with a touchscreen.

We have gone from time-consuming, subjective cell counting - to fast, reproducible counts with the Cellometer. It is making such a huge difference for us.

The Cellometer is simple to use. The cell counting with a Cellometer is much faster than with competitor products, and it is a product with good value.

My team and I use the AOPI staining solution, catalog # CS2-0106-5mL. This product has been most helpful because of the quality of the product. It allows us to better separate the living from the dead cells which has sped up the process in cell separation and increasing productivity. - Tiffany Henton, Cognate BioServices

I use the Cellometer at lease twice a week and I love it! This saves so much time compared to counting cells by myself. I use this in BSL-2 and BSL-3 labs and I am very happy with this product.

I love the multiple imaging functions of the Cellometer and the speed at which it counts the cells. - Hikmat Assi, BMS

The Cellometer Auto 1000 is a great machine for cell counting and cell size analysis. It is very easy to save and transfer data with a USB drive. - Joseph Liu, UTHSCSA Biotechnology

With our Cellometer, the time to count multiple samples has decreased drastically from just a microscope and hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is a very solid machine, I use it for all my own counting needs. The development of new programs seems fairly intuitive. The AOPI feature is very nice.

The Cellometer has helped mainstream our cell counts and decrease variation between lab members.

The Cellometer makes it quick and easy to get a cell count. Particularly useful to me with counting splenocyte preparations. These are small cells in a mixed population, so more difficult to discern using a hemacytometer.

We love the Nexcelom Cellometer! We have validated it so that we can replace Trypan Blue counting for some assays! It's really great.

The Nexcelom Cellometer has completely streamlined the cell counting process for me and has made it much easier to set up my cell culture experiments. Before, I would use the hemacytometer to count cells for preparation of seeding them for experiments. This would take a long time and would also have human error attached to it. Now, it only takes a few seconds and can do many samples in a very quick manner! - Vineet Dhiman, University of Chicago

I use the Cellometer to get accurate cell densities of Dinoflagellates that I culture in the lab. Getting accurate densities helps me know when to split the cultures or when they are not healthy. I use the Cellometer almost every day and it cuts the time drastically than using a hemacytometer! - Sarah Thomas, Kennesaw State University

We like the ease of use and the consistency of the Cellometer with counting and viabilities, regardless of the end user.

The Cellometer is really fast and user-friendly. It is also nice to see the cells that are being counted.

We use the Cellometer automated cell counter in our lab. It has a very convenient and intuitive touch screen and OS. The Cellometer saves a lot of time and we're glad we have such a machine in our lab.

My colleague and I have purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 cell counter back in January of this year. We are using it now and it has facilitated our work greatly. We routinely process PBMCs from both fresh whole blood and from frozen stock. The Cellometer has made it much easier to get cell numbers and viability percentages for use in downstream applications such as IVS and Elispot. - Christian Elly, Human Longevity, Inc

We have been imaging retinas and the Cellometer has really improved the quality of the images and the ease of analyzation.

I appreciate how quickly the Cellometer gives results. I often use it with Trypan Blue staining.

The speed is quick and the easy user interface makes it worth it to replace the traditional hemacytometer with a Cellometer automated cell counter.

Cell counting with the Cellometer has save a tremendous amount of time when having to prepare multiple cell lines or treatment conditions for sending in various assays.

Our Cellometer is super easy to use! It makes setting up experiments quick and efficient. I use it almost every day. - Rae Anne Martinez, TGEN

I would cry if I had to work without the Cellometer Auto 2000. - Victoria Groysberg, UCLA

Counting cells daily on the microscope was very bad for my occipital joints and muscles. Since using the Cellometer Auto 2000, I no longer have neck pain when counting cells. Thank you Nexcelom! - Tiffany Sidwell, UCLA Immunogenetics Center

The Cellometer has made cell counting significantly faster and has improved my work efficiency. I can measure cell viability accurately and quickly with the AO/PI dye on the Cellometer more so than a standard Trypan Blue due manual counting method. With this improved detection of quantification of live cells, I can precisely add the number of cells desired for flow cytometric staining/analysis and cell culture assays.

The Cellometer has made all our lab activities that include cell counting very easy and completed in a timely manner.

The Cellometer provides an accurate measurement and I can adjust the focus to see more area of the cells. The cells also spread out well on the disposable counting chambers.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and cell differentiation exponentially easier for my team and I, allowing us to efficiently and easily gather the data we need.

The Cellometer helps streamline our cell counting process during large experiments. We like the simplicity and speed we can achieve with collecting lots of data. We can't wait to link it to our network to get instant access to the data from our workstations.

Our lab bought a Cellometer Auto 2000. We regularly grow primary human T cells, and with a lot of samples per experiment (20-30+), it has been a lot of work to keep track of growth/expansion and viability prior to having the Cellometer. With the Auto 2000, it is much easier, and much more reliable to count each set of samples and get reliable data on expansion and viability, and we are able to take samples for counts every other day, rather than once a week.

The Cellometer makes counting easy, quick and accurate. - Manasi Chauhan, MD Anderson Cancer Center

I like the fact that the Cellometer creates a file I can open in Excel with all the concentrations of my samples. It makes it much easier to calculate fold changes in growth for multiple samples across an experiment.

The ease of use and high degree of accuracy of the Cellometer with primary cells makes this machine an invaluable asset for proper execution of primary cell experiments. - Julia Yang, Seattle Children's Research Institute

Our new Cellometer X2 has cut the time we spend on cell counts drastically, freeing up time for much more. The transition was very easy, the software is a piece of cake to learn and the support is excellent! - Josh Weaver, Westbrook Brewing Company

I have used three different models on the Cellometer automated cell counter platforms. The all-in-one is easy to use. The Cellometer Auto T4 is the best cell counter by far and works exceptionally well with fast computers. This beats manual cell counting hands down!

We are using a Cellometer, and creating growth curves and plating several different cell types. Those tasks are not as intimidating or time-consuming now with the Cellometer quickly and easily counting the cells.

We are using the disposable counting chambers. They work great and are very easy to use.

Our lab works with leukemic cells, which are very small in size. We are extremely happy with the ability of our Cellometer to accurately and consistently count such small cells. We have the addition of the laptop to allow for a larger screen for viewing cells. Having this system has drastically cut the time and tedious work it takes to count cells for our experiments. And because we have built-in protocols, any one of our lab members can perform the counts without the additional worry of variability of our counts among people. Despite some initial minor connectivity issues between the computer and the counter (which were handled immediately and politely by our rep and tech support), we are very happy with this instrument. - Mel Portis, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

We are using a Cellometer automated cell counter in our lab. I like the feature that allows you to calculate viability of your cells when counting. This has helped me in plating experiments as well as aiding in my estimating the correct plating density for growth and proliferation assays.

I have been using the disposable cell counting chambers with the Cellometer Auto T4. Another lab had purchased this unit a few years ago and I just started using the Auto T4 last year. It saves a lot of time and is very convenient for counting cells, requiring very little sample. It doesn't take up much room either!

The Cellometer has improved my cell-based assays.

I find the automatic counting of the Cellometer very useful for big and long biological experiments. The interface is very user-friendly. - Anthony Rios, University of Kentucky

The Cellometer from Nexcelom has greatly simplified and accelerated my work-flow. Upgrading to this system was a significant improvement compared to our old flow-based system.

The Cellometer has not only slashed down my experiment time, but also helped get easily reproducible results! In short, I have a very reliable, accurate and fast cell counting experience when I use the Cellometer automated cell counter.

The Cellometer has been very useful for the pilot studies we are performing, which helped contribute to NIH funding. Being able to count viable cells in multiple channels of fluorescence from transgenic organisms has been a valuable application of the Cellometer and we look forward to continuing to use it.

The Cellometer is a really nice and accurate instrument. It was a big step up from the microscope-based counting!

The Cellometer automated cell counter is precise and fast. We can set up different cell types and cell sizes to reach accurate counts. The Cellometer is a great instrument to count cells effectively.

The Cellometer is very easy to use and makes our life easier. - Rashmi Jivan Yewle, University of Kentucky

The Cellometer has made our job of counting cell so much, much easier. It is very quick, user-friendly and efficient. - Richa Athalye, Vindico Bionanotechnology

We purchased a Cellometer about 6 months ago, and it has made cell counting much more palatable. Our throughput has increased significantly. Also, the color fluorescence allows us to get additional information about our cells without having to do flow cytometry.

The Cellometer is a nice instrument which saves me precious time. I love your Cellometer! - Jivan Yewle, University of Kentucky

The Cellometer decreases the time to count my cells.

The Cellometer is very useful for all biological experiments since it is more accurate than eye counting (40% more accurate) and it saves you significant time in manually counting cells. - Gabriela Romero Uribe, Vindico

The Cellometer provides fast and reliable counting.

The Cellometer has increased the speed and efficiency for cell counting and viability assays in our lab. Previously, we were using the Trypan Blue method and manually counting every cell. With the Cellometer, human error and the time to count are greatly reduced. I personally optimized the protocol for everyone in my lab and it has become an indispensable assay ever since! - Shannon Hentschel, University of Florida

Our Cellometer Auto T4 enables us to provide accurate and reproducible cell counts and viability assessments very quickly. An accurate cell count is crucial to our research and the automated system of the Cellometer reduces intra- and inter-measurement error. - Gareth Willis, Boston Children's Hospital

The Cellometer is really fast and easy to use. You have a lot of information in just seconds.

The Cellometer reduced and simplifies cell passage time.

The Cellometer is a great tool that enables us to have consistent counts regardless of the technician culturing the samples.

The Cellometer has an easy, user-friendly touchscreen providing quick cell concentration and viability readings along with the cell images.

I love how fast the Cellometer is and how customizable the programs are, so that I can accurately count the different types of cells I work with. The Cellometer has changed the way that I work in that it has sped up my assay work-flow and has given me a very accurate way to know how many cells I am working with.

As a mid-career change biomedical engineering PhD student, I chose a highly interdisciplinary experimental research approach, requiring much time in coordination. The Cellometer has saved me innumerable hours of cell counting that can be better spend on critical data analysis! I love that it's so simple and easy to use! -Hollie Ryan, Frank Reidy Research Center for Bioelectrics

When working with a high number of samples, the Cellometer makes quick and easy work of what would normally be a long and laborious cell counting process. A must have for an immunology laboratory. -Chris Johnston, The Forsyth Institute

The Cellometer makes cell counting and viability assays much quicker and efficient.

The Cellometer has made my cell counting faster and more precise. I previously used a hemacytometer to count my cells which would take me more time to finish.


Makes cell counting fast and easy! Disposable slides are so much easier to use than a conventional hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is very useful - it saves us an immense amount of time. We use it every time we plate. Thanks for a great product!

The Nexcelom Cellometer increased the amount of cell samples I could count in a day, increasing the amount of data points I could derive. Additionally the sheet of viable cells/non-viable cells, cell diameter etc. was extremely helpful. I used the Cellometer for counting SHSY-5Y cells. - Kaeli Freeborough, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

We use the Cellometer Mini. It's my favorite tool! Allows for assays that require many, many, many cell counts to be doable.

I love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the instrument. I learned how to count cells on a hemocytometer, which was tedious and required too much precious time. Not to mention, the hemocytometer and coverslips were extremely easy to break which, added up to a lot of replacement costs. With the Cellometer disposable slides I don't have to worry about any of that, and the computer does the counting and math for me. In addition, I love being able to adjust the settings so that it can count smaller cells such as immune cells. Sometimes, we have samples that have immune and/or cancer cells mixed in with red blood cells, and being able to gate out the rbc's through size is a convenience that I am extremely grateful for.

With Cellometer it is really easy and quick to visualize our cells and perform counting. Cellometer also enabled us to read RFP and GFP Taransfected cells very quickly - Neha Bhise, University of Florida

We are using Cellometer to do cell count and RFP, GFP readings. It is very easy to find transfection efficiency of transfected cell lines using Cellometer. Saving time in cell counting also. Very fast and gives dilution calculations, that is also a very good tool. - Lata Chuhan, University of Florida

The Cellometer has been one of the best equipment buys in a long time.  Very efficient and accurate for our purpose and it fits perfectly in our TC room and on top, it is very easy to use.  The lab is very happy with the machine.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and assessing viability fast, accurate and very easy to do. I am able to keep better track of my cells because of it

The Cellometer has made banking our cells lines much easier, and with easy data collection that includes viability. Previously, time was a major factor in if we count cell lines before banking, but now it is easy enough it can be done no matter what.

I have had very good customer service with Nexcelom. We had a live remote demo of compliant software add on and continue to be in contact with the QA software application specialists.

The Cellometer has been highly welcomed in our lab. Research associates and post-docs are happier having this quick and effective method of cell counting. It really saves a lot of time and it's so easy to use!

The Cellometer has saved hours in research, which I put towards more productive experiments. In my teaching labs, the students are able to accomplish more and have time to complete more advanced and sophisticated labs because they are not spending hours with a hemacytometer. - Robert Shurina, Wheeling Jesuit University

We have been using this machine for the past two years and it's much more efficient and saves our researchers a great deal of time

The Cellometer saves me so much time!

Your Cellometer instrument makes it easy for us to quantify the survival of yeast cells. This instrument literally saves us hours per week. Thank you Nexcelom! - James Ritch, Providence College, Biology Dept

It's so fast and easy. I have to count many cells, what would normally take forever. The Cellometer gives me accurate counts within almost no time!

We process individual spleens from multiple mice. As such, we count each cell preparation separately. After isolating T cells using magnetic selection, we have to count them individually again! Our Cellometer is likely the most used piece of equipment in our lab and works every time. It has dramatically reduced our counting time, as well as increased the accuracy of our viability tests. - Jerid Robinson, Emory

I love how quick it is. Especially when I'm platting a bunch of cell lines at once.

We purchased a Cellometer a few months ago and have been very pleased with the device. We are able to accurately count WBC in our products even those with low cell numbers and obtain an accurate viability all very quickly. This device has replaced our hematology analyzer for several applications and we have recommended it to several others. - Amanda Medcalf, Fate thereapeutics

Using the Cellometer to count cells has saved me a LOT of time and energy in the lab. Especially since I don't have a human assistant having a mechanical assistant give me time to focus on other tasks. - Ranor Basa, Vala Sciences Inc R&D

We're using Cellometer Auto1000 for regular cell counting. Now it becomes so easy to do this. Just with seconds, it's done. Great instrument!

The Cellometer in my lab gets very heavy use and makes cell counting and dilutions easier than it should be (what? no more hemocytometers?!)! We love how easy the system is to use and that it is essentially "fool proof"! - Samantha Meenach, University of Rhode Island

Cellometer Auto 2000 has made it possible to work faster, more efficient and more precise. - Maria Agarwal, Johns Hopkins University

The Cellometer has definitely saved me a lot of time, has allowed me to fit more into my experiments and has made lab life easier.

I was using a hemacytometer to count my cells and I couldn't measure their diameter, but now I use the Cellometer to get a very fast count and measure all their diameters, which is very useful!

Used Cellometer to count zebra fish chondrocytes. This was so easy and convenient to use.

The Cellometer allows me to count my cells quickly and effectively. I have saved so much time switching from manual cell counting to an automated cell counting system.

The Cellometer is a huge time saver compared to using the hemocytometer.  In addition, with undergraduate and pharmacy students, the Cellometer eliminates the variation in the results that is sometimes seen.

Getting the Cellometer Auto X4 for algae counts has helped us tremendously. We use algae to feed freshwater mussels and it is very difficult to determine how much food they are receiving if the algae count is unknown. With this machine, we are able to check all of our mussel culture waters in less than 30 minutes!

Our Lab uses Cellometer on a daily basis It is so convenient and fast specifically when preforming multiple samples at the same time - Shalu Sharma Kharkwal, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Our Cellometer allows us to measure concentration and viability of PBMCs in patient blood samples in a fraction of the time it used to take using manual hemocytometers

I have just learned how to use our Cellometer this past week and was amazed at how intuitive the software is. The slides were also very easy to load.

The Cellometer cell counter has made cell counting so much faster and very easy. It is much more efficient when harvesting cell samples to quickly count multiple samples at once, with great accuracy, and allows us to start seeding cells at optimal densities much quicker than before. This was cells are not sitting in tubes for long periods prior to plating, causing them less stress. Thank you Nexcelom!

Outstanding instrument. Easy to use and accurate results - Sumi Dinda, Oakland University

X1 is easy to use accurate fast, Viability and cell count in 1 step is fantastic - Jim Elliott, Captain Lawrence Brewing

Cellometer allows for quick counting of viable cells without straining your eyes looking through a microscope to count the cells.


More accurate cell counting and saves time.

The cell counter saves so much time! (Plus I think it's more accurate) I don't have to waste time counting cells and I can use my time for more research experiments. Thanks for a great product.

Such a small vessel that really frees up so much of your time by counting cells with such accuracy. You can move on to the next step with no worries.

It has made my life easier by cutting the time spent counting/plating cells by at least half - Autumn Gaither Davis, University of Pittsburgh

I have a Cellometer Auto T4. It's an excellent device that is easy to use that provides very accurate and consistent cell counts. Compared with other devices it saves my lab a lot of time and avoids messes in the cell culture room. Highly recommended. - Roderick O'Sullivan, University of Pittsburgh

The Nexcelom Cellometer allows my research team to accurately and efficiently count even more cells - Avelina Espinosa, Roger Williams University

We use the Cellometer for all of our cell counts! It is especially important for clumpy difficult to dissociate lines - David Esopi, Johns Hopkins University

For cell lines in particular (and 'clean' cells) counting is much, much easier and get a lot more stats. However do need to let the cells settle for 15-30 seconds prior to counting. Also still working on learning all the menu items. But an excellent addition to the lab. - Nicholas Lanson, LSU Health Sciences Ctr

Ability to distinguish viability from vitality as well as avoiding error prone plate counting to determine cell concentrations. Previously we'd have very different cell count results person to person, now the method is more standardized along with the ability to go back and correct counts if necessary (eg. better documentation).

It makes counting PBMC's from serum really fast, so when I have to plate from 18 different samples it doesn't take as long as a hemocytometer would! - Jennifer Arab, CSU

It is very efficient, accurate and a time saving instrument.

Since I work on cell proliferation I often have to use microscope/hemacytometer chamber for cell counting which has always been a pain for me. It has made it good for my research each week. - Pundrik Jaiswas, NIDDK

I really appreciate the small footprint of the Cellometer Mini. It doesn't take up much space and it is very easy to use. The guides provided make it a no brainer. - Alla Brafman, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. at FNLCR

Much better tool for quantifying cell growth than luminescent viability assays alone.

The Cellometer Vision is a great product! The instrument is quick and easy to learn to use, and the software is very user friendly. We have used our Cellometer device to obtain data that we would normally have to use the flow cytometry facilities to get. The machine has made of number of data types both inexpensive and quick to obtain. In addition to the product itself, the customer service we have received is excellent - only adding to the quality of the product!

Cellometer is very easy to use. The fact that it can be used with AOPI and eliminate the count of erythrocytes is very convenient. It saves a lot of time to use the Cellometer instead of manual counting, and it allows me to keep on working on other stuff while the cells are being counted. - Maria Agarwal, Johns Hopkins University

It has made my cell counting much more reliable, and much easier, at the same time. The ability to alter the settings towards your specific cell type are critical as well.

Transitioning to the Nexcelom Cellometer from our previous method using Flow Cytometry, has been smooth and efficient with the help of the great team at Nexcelom support. The software is very user friendly and the instrument is maintenance free. I would highly recommend the Nexcelom Cellometer K2 to other facilities looking to use image-based cell counting systems.

The Cellometer K2 instrument is a simple, quick, visual cell counting platform. We love the clear images and easily discerned confirmation that the cell count data is real because you can see the count with your own two eyes. It has allowed us to move away from difficult flow cytometer and subjective hemocytometer methods.

I enjoy using our Cellometer especially on high volume processing days. It's simple to use and gives data that is needed and quite essential for result reporting. Use is not intimidating at all.

The ability to record the image of the counted cells together with the cell size distribution data in TBE assay. Also, to be able to set up the range of the cell size for counting.

The accuracy is outstanding; our 30 minute cell-counting time has been reduced to less than five minutes; furthermore, the viability assessment of the cells being integrated into this system has made our experiments much more efficient.

Allows me work with more cells at a time since counting them now is so easy and fast. If I had to count with a hemocytometer I would probably only work with 1/4th of the cells I do now.

The Cellometer has been a great asset to multiple departments in our company. When looking to move from flow cytometry cell counting methods to microscopy cell counting, we tested many options and settled on the Cellometer. We now use these instruments at two sites and within our manufacturing and QC departments. We are still in our validation phases with the instruments but they will eventually become our primary method for manufacturing and QC. I enjoy using this instrument because there is no setup or shutdown procedures that are needed. You can simply turn it on, use it, and shut it off. So easy!

Our Cellometer instrument is easy to use and is much more efficient than counting cells manually. It increases the throughput in our lab and makes our results more accurate. We love our new instrument.

The Cellometer Slides have streamlined cell counting making it easier and more efficient.

I like the Cellometer Instrument because it allows our lab to count our viability faster than manual counts on microscope. Our count time is only 5 minutes instead of 10 or 15 minutes!

The Cellometer has made my cell line work run more smoothly and efficiently. I love this instrument.

I like my Auto 2000 because it saves my images, so that I may go back and review. I also like the histogram and the ability to export to excel.

Great product! Saves me an hour of eye-straining counting. I count my cells before labeling with antibodies for flow cytometry. Now I can easily double the number of samples I can analyze in one day.

Our Cellometer has made cell counting much faster, easier, and also less operator dependent. It has saved us both time and hassle. It's amazing! - Dan Thoren, Viatar

The Cellometer instrument is simple to use and helps us be more productive - Marcia Lee, OARDC/FAHRP

I have used Auto 2000 in my previous lab extensively for counting mouse primary cells. I can not be thankful enough to you guys to make such a great product. I Liked it so much that I convinced my boss at new lab in FDA to buy Auto 2000 in spite of having a cell counter from different company.

It is simple to use and provides us with accurate cell counts. An absolute time saver in our very busy workday.

The cell proliferation experiments by counting the actual cells has become so easier and quick. - Puspa Raj Pandey, NIH NCI

Great Cell Counter work done in minutes with accuracy. Fast forward our research 10 fold - Pavan Rajanahall, Kansas State University

Using the Vision CBA has saved me so much time! I am able to get consistent viability data with much less time spent on sample preparation. It has also been great to complete cell cycle analysis without using FACS. - Sarah Burkhart, Florida State University College of Medicine- Biomedical Sciences

The Cellometer has stream-lined the way we count cells. It is quicker and more accurate than the previous instrument we were using. It makes my job easier!

The Cellometer has increased throughput by giving quick and accurate counting with automated data capture. - Angela Baker, Tgen

The Cellometer X2 has made our daily cell counts and cellar reports much faster and easier. The software interface and sample prep is easy to perform and gives consistent, reliable data. - Joe Wells, Hangar 24

We purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 in late May and have been very pleased with the way it has already changed the work-flow for almost all of our cell-based projects. We are finding it much easier to generate quantitative data that we trust at a rate of progress well beyond what was possible in our lab before by conventional imaging and image analysis approaches. - Rob Bellin, Holy Cross College

The Cellometer allows us to see how many cells are in suspension for each fermentation test we run. This has changed how we work from an OD reading to actual cell counts.

We love the product and use the Cellometer every day to count cells.

The Cellometer instrument gives a quick and easy way to count individual cells and also increases the throughput and efficiency compared to manual counting. I am working with 200 different clones that needed to be counted and I was able to get the cell count, concentration and %viability in a fairly short period of time! If I had not used the Cellometer Auto T4 cell counter, I would most likely not have been able to finish counting cells from each clone. Manual counting would have been extremely time-consuming and I would be particularly concerned with miscount errors that affect the accuracy of the cell concentrations. All in all, this instrument has definitely been a life saver for me!

Using the Cellometer Auto 2000 has been a walk in the park! The instrument is flawless and the digital display is exquisite! This machine has saved me so much time and has allowed me to complete all my work in a timely fashion. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work! - Dylan Johnson, Burleson Research Technologies

Compared with Countess that I have used before, Cellometer provides me with more easily accessible information about the cells, not only just some numbers although those numbers are the ultimate goals. It makes me trust the data generated by Cellometer more when I can see my cells at different views on the computer just like I am looking at them under a microscope and you get to manually focus on the cells.

The Cellometer has allowed our lab to perform experiments that would have otherwise been impossible to do without expensive equipment and/or core facilities. It has also allowed us to expand our research projects due to the availability of experiments within its protocol library as well as its ease of use. The Cellometer, along with its FCS software, has made data collection an easy task as the program allows the user maximum control over all experiment parameters.

Cellometer is a much faster convenient tool to do cell counting. It releases me from the tedious boring cell counting work and saves time; 20 minutes counting by myself and only 1 minute using Cellometer.

The amount of time we save by using the Cellometer has changed the output efficiency of our lab. I especially appreciate the user friendly setup and the ability to recall saved profiles, so that we do not have to spend time providing cell type and diameter information before each count.

The Cellometer has sped up our lab's cell culture work-flow greatly as it counts much more rapidly than other counting machines we have tried. We also like the intuitive software and ability to create custom profiles that we can save for each cell line. - Kyle Johnson, The Translational Genomics Research Institute

The instrument was pivotal in my experiment of measuring the percent of cells expressing GFP fluorescence. The associated software was very helpful in understanding my results; being able to view the data as histograms and in a tabulated form was very useful.

Reduced my work time by several hours! Gave me accurate results! - Pushpak Bhandari, Purdue University

We have improved our counting accuracy of Entamoeba cells for inhibition assays and shortened our time in counting cells.- Avelina Espinosa, Roger Willliams University

Easy to use and accurate. The software also is pretty straightforward and simple.

It's been very convenient for me to count cells using this pure automatic Cellometer; I love the fast output and USB port.

Cellometer Instrument makes our routine experiments faster and easier, since a lot of our assays require a specific number of cells, with the counter we have better, accurate and reproducible results.

Our lab purchased a Cellometer Auto 1000 a year ago, and it has been a great pleasure ever since. Cell counting that could take a half-day to do using the hemocytometer takes only half an hour. Besides, viability test and size measurement also becomes very simple and easy. This auto cell counter really increased the efficiency and accuracy of our cell counting. - Zhe Zhang, MIT

It makes cell counting easy and accurate! - Jeff Leong, Washington University

We used to count cells by hemocytometer, which was tedious and low throughput. We're now able to use a much smaller amount of sample to obtain reliable cell counts. It has also helped accelerate our work assessing cell viability, under different stressors.

The Cellometer prevents direct use of the microscope. This is more convenient and comfortable for the user to assess the pictures taken by Cellometer rather than straining over the scope. Also, since the machine is hooked up to the computer, it has many more options for data analysis and manipulation. - Juhyun Lee, Emory University

The Cellometer has made counting cells easier and more efficient. Before we got our Cellometer, I would spend hours at the microscope straining my eyes to count cells. Now counting has become quicker and less tedious. We usually just do trypan blue counting but occasionally we use AOPI to get a more accurate live/dead count for tiny cells. The software is very user friendly and the technical support is excellent.

The AO/PI Yeast Viability Kit containing dilution buffer and fluorescent dye mixture for staining of live and dead Yeast cells makes counting yeast cells incredibly simple! WE LOVE IT!!

We love the speed and efficiency of the Cellometer. It makes our proliferation curves easy instead of tedious! - Tasha Pontifex, University of Arizona

The Cellometer has proven to be a practical and efficient means of obtaining both cell counts and viabilities on flow cytometry specimens. We are able to easily test lysed and unlysed bone marrow aspirates and peripheral bloods, as well as tissue samples, needle cores biopsies, and body fluids. Utilization of the large depth counting chambers has even made it possible to perform counts on low volume/low cell specimens. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the addition of the instrument to our laboratory.

It saves precious time counting cells, and has more functionality and accuracy than manual counting methods. - Maura Diamond, CHOP

The Cellometer has made counting so much easier that we are now able to up the number of samples for experiments. Before it, we would have to factor in over an hour to count samples by hand but with the Cellometer we can isolate 4-5 tissues from a mouse and do 7 mice and count all the samples within an hour, something that would take much longer by hand.

The Cellometer has provided a much quicker and easier way of counting cells now. We frequently count cell death frequencies and the option to included or not include these counts is very useful to me. Overall, we are extremely happy with the Cellometer.

Using the Cellometer Auto 2000 is so much easier and faster than what we were doing before. Everyone in the lab is enjoying the instrument and taking full advantage of all its capabilities. We're glad to have the instrument in our facility.

We have the Cellometer Auto 2000. This instrument has streamlined our experiments. We have several animal studies that require various cell counts. Given that these studies take place over several months, the Cellometer has given us a mode by which to keep out counts consistent (as opposed to manual counting, which would require the same person to count over the course of experiments and is relatively subjective anyhow). We love how quickly we can obtain our data and feel confident that the instrument is giving us accurate results. It's also convenient that the Cellometer works with a variety of dyes (AO/PI, Trypan Blue, etc).

Cellometer is fast, precise and easy to use. Moreover, it is adjustable for parameters of many specific cell types.

I love the Cellometer for its accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. It's easy to use and applicable for a wide variety of cell lines, which is extremely useful to our field, and it's changed the way I work because it is a true time-saver. No longer do I have to record absorbances or use a hemocytometer!


Cellometer instrument is easy and fast to use and also give us the accurate cell counts. It is totally changed how we count our live cells in the process for our undergoing and/or ongoing experiments. It only takes minutes to finish what used to taking us hours. We can't imagine to go forward with cell counting without Cellometer.- Xianglan Yao, NHLBI

It is very easy to use and the results seem to be very reliable. It is especially useful for graduate students who don't have a lot experience in cell culture, and they can pick up very quickly. It speeds up the work a lot.- Wei Li, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Cellometer 2000 Auto provides excellent accuracy in counting of viable PBMC from fresh and frozen human samples. The accuracy of this Nexcelom counter is better than that of other cell counters of similar range which are currently on the market.- Senior Staff Scientist, Bethesda, MD

There is effectively no better system to almost instantaneously measure yeast viability and vitality (and believe me we have checked). We will hopefully get the machine in the lab soon and this will effectively change the way we work!!! - Aviva Joseph, UMass Medical School

Wonderful equipment. Makes time consuming counting so much easier.

Cellometer 2000 model helped me to move forward from trypan blue to live/dead count of nucleated cells.

I work faster with less stress. It is the best thing in the lab since pipettman. - Carolyn Cooke, MD Anderson

The Cellometer in our lab boost productivity and accuracy in plating for experiments.

Cellometer helps me count cells much quicker, easier and more accurate than before, which helps save me a lot of time. Sometimes counting cells from many different cell types is really exhausting, thanks to Cellometer , now it's just a piece of cake. - Ziqing Wang, UT Health Science Center

The Cellometer Auto T4 has saved our lab time and money. It is very easy to use, fast and accurate. We use it for cell counts and viability analysis. - Chris Toth, UT Health Science Center

We use the Cellometer to count TIL (Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocyte) cells in our lab. We get accurate and fast counts using the Cellometer (Cellometer Auto T4 Model). -Chris Toth at UTMDACC

More Customer Testimonials

I use a counter for Invitrogen but after the demo of Cellometer, I like the user interface of Cellometer. Also the ability to use PI is an added feature which I would be interested in the future. -Ravesanker Ezhilarasam at UTMDACC

This instrument has made working with cells more enjoyable and easy. There is no straining to see and count cells any more. -Researcher at MD Anderson

Easy to use, quick, economical, reliable -Gabor Bacazsi at MD Anderson Cancer Center

The Cellometer has been very useful in basic everyday cell counting analysis. It has allowed useful time saving strategies for cell counting and saving counted images. Our lab uses the Cellometer everyday – we love it! -Researcher at MD Anderson

We are currently using a vision trio. It has changed our efficiency (in a positive way). It has also allowed us to do AO/PI assays quickly. -Matthew Figlole at MD Anderson

Multiple functionalities, reanalyzing data, image data, time saving, per sample cost. -Researcher at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Our Cellometer has greatly reduced time spent counting cells in our GMP lab. This has increased productivity and efficiency. -Seth Wardell at MDACC

I love it!! It saves me time, effort, and added confidence in what is counted. We did a side by side comparison and the numbers were right on with the machine!

The Cellometer is so easy to use and the number of assays that can be run on the Vision are amazing. I also can't say enough wonderful things about the technical support that is offered through Nexcelom. The people are wonderful and always willing to go out of their way to help develop and trouble shoot the assays.

We started using the Cellometer Auto T4 for our counting/viability measurements and it has sped up the process of subculturing considerably. We do multiple flasks at a time and being able to use an automated counter vs. a hemocytometer makes the process much easier. I like the disposable cell slides because there is no need to clean up afterwards, it just goes into the bio waste bin. Overall, we are very satisfied with the Cellometer counter.

My name is Dylan Armes, and since getting a Nexcelom Cellometer my day-to-day work in my lab has become significantly easier. I used to use a different counter, but the ease of use of Nexcelom slides is MUCH more convenient. I primarily use the counter to determine total cell volume in a sample for easier distribution on microscope slides, and it works perfectly for that purpose. It's quick, accurate, and very easy to use. Dylan Armes - Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute

We love our Cellometer! More time for experiments, less time counting your cells. And no more sore thumbs or annoying hemacytometers.
A scientist from the University of Colorado

The Cellometer has provided a much faster and more accurate means of counting all our 100's of samples which we need to set up for flow cytometry analysis. We also are able to take images and go back and check things later if there are any discrepancies which is very useful as well.
Dr. Janice Pluth - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

My work has improved tremendously. Counting 10 samples by trypan blue used to take 30 mins and left strain on the eyes. Results were inaccurate. Now (the samples) take about 6 minutes with the Cellometer and are accurate and reliable.
Rakesh Sharma of MD Anderson Cancer Center

Great machine! Counts cells fast! Saves my time and eye sight!
Senior Scientist at a Research Lab in Boston

Great machine. I like the fact that you can see which cells are counted. I have introduced (Cellometer) to other people around the lab and they all like it. Now we are using it every day.
Senior Scientist at a Research Lab in Boston

(Cellometer) relieves the heave work of cell counting, improves the efficiency of counting.
Researcher in Shanghai, China

Just as the Nanodrop changed spectro photometry - forever - in the lab, so has the Cellometer revolutionized cell counting in the tissue culture room. No more Hemacytometer! We also like our Sales Representative, Grace Vick, she is always there for us!!
Senior Scientist from NIH

Counting all of our Insect cell cultures used to take half the morning; now, with our Nexcelom Cellometer, I'm ready to start passaging in just 20 minutes! Thank you! With the added information of average cell diameter, I am able to more accurately predict when my Baculovirus stocks are ready to be harvested. Since the Cellometer is so easy to use, we are sampling our cultures at several additional points in our process, which has improved troubleshooting of process issues. The Cellometer has helped us to cut costs by enabling us to detect failed (virus amplification and protein expression) cultures earlier in the process. Thank you Nexcelom!
Senior Scientist from a Major Life Science Corporation

We bought the Auto T4 in 2007 and love it! I'm able to seed multiple experiments of multiple cell types in such a short time. We told other labs how much we liked it and another bought the newer version of the T4 and others buy the slides and use ours. Thanks!
Denise Hegan, Yale University

It makes counting so much easier. No need to use the hemacytometer! You can still see the cells and do live counts. Great for counting many samples.
Senior Scientist from Boston Scientific

Having this device has streamlined our cell culture work very much. Instead of only being able to count 2 or 4 cell samples at a time, we can set up as many as we need, and have the Cellometer count them. It's much more accurate than hemacytomer counting, and much faster, which is a bonus when we have 15 transfection samples to count! We have a fluorescence capable model, and using it to determine the percentage of transfected eGFP cells is quick and easy, and doesn't entail tedious slide staining on our part. We couldn't live without our Cellometer!
- Kristina Muskiewicz from Forma Therapeutics

Not only is the Cellometer good for counting cells but we also use them to count our MFIA beads. It gives us a more accurate count of the final yield and also cuts the amount of time spent on counting in half.
- Nhu Thao Le from Charles River Lab

I do at least 10-15 (PBMC) samples a day or at a time and it used to take almost 1 hr now with Cellometer it takes almost 8 minutes for all the samples. That's quick, easy and results are fantastic and this spares my eyes a headache. Thanks, Rakesh Sharma
- Rakesh Sharma from MD Anderson

Very useful tool for a cell sorting core. We use it to verify the drop delay setting, troubleshoot sorts by looking at cells for debris or dying cells, double check yield of cells from sorts, and help determine what settings are appropriate to perform a sort.
- Biologist from Harvard Medical Center

Actually being able to visualize overall clumpiness of cells is a major help, using our other cell counter can tend to miss a good majority of cells if they tend to aggregate more. - Biologist from Eisai

The Cellometer is very easy to use and yet is a powerful tool to have in the lab. In addition, the software interface is very user friendly. - Biologist from Bristol Myers Squibb

My company has 2 Cellometers. We rely on them every day to get a quick and accurate count on the many cell lines we have in culture. It is very reliable, low maintenance and saves us so much time vs. hand counting, so we can do our cell work more efficiently. It's a great product. - Tina Glyptis from Forma Therapeutics

Cellometer has saved me precious time, especially when dealing with experiments that are time point dependent. - Deepak Nagendra from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

The Auto T4 is a fantastic machine that saves our lab a lot of time! It is simple to use and small. - Dr. J. W. Hodge, Senior Scientist and Director, Recombinant Vaccine Group, NCI

I like that this one does not require any other material other than the slides. - Jim Bensen, Tissue Culture Facility, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

"I will never use a hemacytometer again" - Jeff Ross, Research Investigator, Eisai Research Institute

"Before the counter it took a long time to count and put strain on our eyes. Now it is quick and very easy on the eyes " - Adam Wiles, Rebecca Shoemaker, AIDS Vaccine Program, NCI

"Using the Auto T4 has greatly increased the efficiency and ease of counting cells in our lab, especially on high volume sample days. It is the only counter that consistently works for non-human primate applications"
- A scientist, National Cancer Institute

"Before it would take 2-3 hours to count-now less than 20 minutes " - A scientist, National Cancer Institute

"Eye strain was a big problem before the counter. It is much faster now and eliminates the eye strain "
- A scientist, National Cancer Institute

"I've used hemacytometer before. It can never get accurate nor consistent cell concentrations. At one time, when I need to estimate the cell doubling time, this counter really helped because I have to deal with multiple cell counting from replicate samples" - A scientist, National Institute of Health

"This is the product I have always dreamed about!" - A researcher, National Institute of Health

"This is such a simple machine to use that it saves us a lot of time." A scientist, Wyeth

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