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User Feedback on Cellometer Vision

I love the ability to rapidly count mouse white blood cells and red blood cells without the hassle of needing to lyse the red blood cells with the Cellometer Vision CBA! The AOPI solution makes this process a breeze.
The Cellometer Vision CBA has removed the variances regarding human error and subjectivity testing essentially overnight from our operations! - Joseph Thomas, Mass Bay Brewing Company
I frequently use the Cellometer Vision CBA and I really like it!
The Cellometer Vision CBA makes my life so much easier! It makes cell counting a breeze! It is quick and very easy to use. You can count your cells with a turn of a knob and with a click of a button!
The Cellometer Vision CBA works great and is really efficient. Earlier, I used to work with the Cellometer Auto T4 but then switched to the Vision CBA. With the Cellometer, I consumed less time and it helps me get research work done effectively!
The Cellometer Vision CBA definitely saved me from spending hours on the microscope counting cells and it spared me the need to understand complicated FACS analysis.
The Cellometer Vision CBA is user-friendly, making it easy to understand the software and it delivers fast results! - Lyanne Suarez, University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla
The Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometer is a great machine! It gives very precise results in a very short time, and only uses a small amount of sample, which makes it very efficient for research purposes. - Nelson Franqui, Darlington Building
We have the Cellometer Auto T4, Cellometer Auto 2000 and Cellometer Vision CBA. Our Cellometers are reliable and every time I call for a product or technical service, I have spoken to a helpful and knowledgeable person.
We use the Cellometer Vision in our lab. We love this machine! It always gives us quick and clear cell counts!
The Cellometer Vision CBA instrument quickly counts cells and measures viability. The instrument is quick and easy to use. Counting cells using the Cellometer is much easier than using a hemacytometer!
The ease at which I can count bone marrow samples without Red Cell Lysis buffer to get total nucleated cell counts quickly and accurately with the Cellometer Vision CBA has allowed our research to expand drastically! - Daniel Kuebler, Franciscan University
The Cellometer Vision CBA is a perfect cross between the Bio-Rad cell counter and regular flow cytometer. We are just beginning to use this method of platelet counting and we are looking forward to continuing to use this instrument! - Shauna-Kay Spencer, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Our experience using the Cellometer Vision CBA has been great! It is so useful. We recommend the instrument due to convenience and speed of reading.
The Cellometer Vision CBA has helped me complete my experiments much faster! The instrument allows for rapid cell counts and even has a tool that can help calculate the cell concentration in no time. I love the counting chambers that are easy to load as well!
The Cellometer Vision CBA makes counting cells so much easier and less labor intensive!
The Cellometer Vision CBA has greatly streamlined our cell counting activities and its versatility has enabled us to customize many unique counting protocols for different cell lines. All in all, well worth the investment!
The Cellometer Vision CBA is very helpful with cell viability and plating. It really saves time!
The Cellometer Vision CBA has been so useful because now we do not waste a lot of time counting cells. Also, proliferation and viability experiments are too easy to analyze using this Cellometer! - Ana Milena Reyes Ramos, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
The Cellometer Vision with your specialized chlorophyll fluorescein module will save us countless hours of microscope work by providing a reliable viability count of cells in a matter of minutes. We love it!
The Cellometer Vision CBA has helped us optimize a lot of our experiments. Not only is it fast and reliable, but it is easy to modify and create assays within the program. I would recommend it to others!
We were originally using the Cellometer Auto T4 system for cell count and viability and it made our cell counts quicker than when using a hemacytometer! But now we have upgraded to the Cellometer Vision CBA, and the focusing time is almost on par with a conventional microscope and with the extremely useful fluorescent cell counting. This system will probably outlast the computer we use to operate it! -Reinaldo Agostini, University of Puerto Rico
Before our lab moved, we were utilizing the Cellometer Vision CBA from Nexcelom. The capabilities of this machine are amazing. The Propidium Iodide (PI) staining for cell cycle analysis was the function we used most frequently. This helps remove the need for a large volume of cells like flow would require. Since our cell lines were going into arrest after our manipulations, we were unable to generate large quantities of cells for traditional flow. The Vision CBA fit perfectly for our needs. Now, we use the Cellometer Mini due to financial constraints when our lab moved. It is still a great instrument, but if given the chance, I'd 100% without a doubt go back to the Cellometer Vision CBA. There's too many things it can do to pass it up! -Amy Rosado, Nemours Children's Hospital
The Cellometer Vision CBA has provided highly trustworthy and fast results using the powerful algorithms for automated image-based cell counts and flow-like analysis. Plus, there is no need to clean up the instrument and it is a very user-friendly interface. I highly recommend it!
Our Cellometer Vision CBA allows us to easily and accurately perform cell based assays for our drug resistance experiments!
The Cellometer Vision CBA is by far the best product we have used in our lab. In such little time, this small machine can capture images, analyze data and upload your data into a neat powerpoint that can be used immediately. We have used this machine for apoptosis assays and cell cycle assays and it has not disappointed!
The Cellometer Vision is a great product! The instrument is quick and easy to learn to use, and the software is very user friendly. We have used the our Cellometer to obtain data that we would normally have to use the flow cytometry facilities to get. The machine has made of number of data types both inexpensive and quick to obtain. In addition to the product itself, the customer service we have received is excellent - only adding to the quality of the product!
Using the Cellometer Vision CBA has saved me so much time! I am able to get consistent viability data with much less time spent on sample preparation. It has also been great to complete cell cycle analysis without using FACS. - Sarah Burkhart, Florida State University College of Medicine- Biomedical Sciences

More Praise for Cellometer

Makes cell counting fast and easy! Disposable slides are so much easier to use than a conventional hemacytometer.

The Cellometer is very useful - it saves us an immense amount of time. We use it every time we plate. Thanks for a great product!

The Nexcelom Cellometer increased the amount of cell samples I could count in a day, increasing the amount of data points I could derive. Additionally the sheet of viable cells/non-viable cells, cell diameter etc. was extremely helpful. I used the Cellometer for counting SHSY-5Y cells. - Kaeli Freeborough, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

I love the simplicity and user-friendliness of the instrument. I learned how to count cells on a hemocytometer, which was tedious and required too much precious time. Not to mention, the hemocytometer and coverslips were extremely easy to break which, added up to a lot of replacement costs. With the Cellometer disposable slides I don't have to worry about any of that, and the computer does the counting and math for me. In addition, I love being able to adjust the settings so that it can count smaller cells such as immune cells. Sometimes, we have samples that have immune and/or cancer cells mixed in with red blood cells, and being able to gate out the rbc's through size is a convenience that I am extremely grateful for.

With Cellometer it is really easy and quick to visualize our cells and perform counting. Cellometer also enabled us to read RFP and GFP Taransfected cells very quickly - Neha Bhise, University of Florida

We are using Cellometer to do cell count and RFP, GFP readings. It is very easy to find transfection efficiency of transfected cell lines using Cellometer. Saving time in cell counting also. Very fast and gives dilution calculations, that is also a very good tool. - Lata Chuhan, University of Florida

The Cellometer has been one of the best equipment buys in a long time.  Very efficient and accurate for our purpose and it fits perfectly in our TC room and on top, it is very easy to use.  The lab is very happy with the machine.

The Cellometer instrument has made counting cells and assessing viability fast, accurate and very easy to do. I am able to keep better track of my cells because of it

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