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Get Flow Results without Flow Cytometry

Incorporation of FCS Express Software into the Vision CBA Analysis System has enabled users to conduct image-based analysis of cell-based assays requiring enhanced gating for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Side-by-side comparison of results for apoptosis, cell cycle, mitochondrial potential, autophagy, ABC transporter assays, aggresome detection, CD4+ / CD8+ immunophenotyping, and other assays has shown Cellometer image-based analysis results to be comparable to flow cytometry.

FCS Express Software Features

  • Colorized scatter plots and histograms
  • More accurate gating for enhanced sensitivity
  • Pre-set, optimized data layouts
  • Simple import and creation of data layouts for new assays
  • Flow-like data presentation
  • Multi-sample data formatting
  • Convenient Export to Excel

Flow core labs can utilize the Vision CBA instrument to pre-screen samples prior to sorting and flow cytometry analysis and to run 1-color and 2-color assays for cell cycle, apoptosis, GFP transfection, mitochondrial potential, and more … freeing up their flow system for the more complex studies.

Individual researchers performing simple 1-color and 2-color analysis appreciate the simplicity and accessibility of the Vision CBA. The ability to analyze samples right away, using only 20µl of sample, enables researchers to accelerate and expand their experiments. Researchers can analyze a number of time-points, rather than one endpoint result. The FCS Express Software offers straightforward data analysis procedures and outputs familiar to many flow users.

FCS Express 4 Software plots data based on fluorescence intensity and default gating parameters.

Customized Data Layouts

As shown in the Nexcelom data layout to the left, FCS Express Software plots data based on fluorescence intensity and default gating parameters. The data table displays the cell percentage and cell concentration for each phase of the cell cycle. Gating is manually optimized by dragging the gating bars in the histogram. Cell percentages and concentrations are instantly updated in the associated data table.

Express 4 Software generates colorized scatter plots

For analysis of Apoptosis with Annexin V-FITC / PI, FCS Express Software generates colorized scatter plots indicating live, apoptotic and dead cells with an associated data table indicating the % of cells and cell concentration in each category.

If you do not currently have FCS Express but would like to see data layout examples, you can download the following PDF samples:

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