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FAQs about the Cellometer Auto 2000 Cell Viability Counter

What are maintenance tasks needed for Cellometer Auto 2000?

Cellometer Auto 2000 has no liquid handling fluidics system. Therefore, cleaning related maintenance is eliminated completely.

Optical light sources in Auto2000 are light emitting diodes, with standard lifetime of more than 10,000 hours. Therefore minimum maintenance is required for optics either. Some customers purchase yearly preventative maintenance contract from Nexcelom. We also offer extended warranty. Costs of the services vary.

How to repair Cellometer Auto 2000?

We will issue a RMA for the unit to be shipped back to Nexcelom for repair. Our standard turn-around time for repair in USA is less than one week after receiving the instrument.

What are the computer specifications Cellometer Auto 2000?

Single board computer running Windows embedded operating system and touch screen.

What are the optics specifications for Cellometer Auto 2000?

Imaging capability includes bright field and two fluorescence channels with excitation / emission of 470nm/535 nm and 540nm/635 nm, respectively.

What is the cell size range for Auto 2000?

Between 5 to 60 microns.

Can the image analysis software be updated by USB?


How frequently do you release updates?

We release software based on customer needs.

Can Auto 2000 measure primary hepatocytes?

No. The most complicated primary hepatocytes are measured using special software algorithm available only with Cellometer Vision.
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